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Visual Storytelling 2 Tour: Dramatically increase the impact of your films with this full-day filmmaking workshop featuring hands-on live demos.  Taught by Oscar nominee & DP of the SNL Film Unit Alex Buono, the workshop features advanced techniques on lighting, lens selection, camera movement & settings, visual style, visual subtext, and more.  32 cities, July-Sept. Tickets start at $99. REGISTER NOW!

FirstCom Music is a leading provider of production music for film, broadcast, multimedia and corporate productions. We inspire creativity in thousands of studios around the world by offering a diverse selection of high quality, easy-to-license music that reflects today’s charts. Find your creative music solutions at http://www.firstcom.com.

A blue sky sprawls between ridges frosted in deep evergreen, framing Alder Gulch much as when Native American tribes traversed this landscape 800 years ago. The town of Virginia City sprang up virtually overnight in the summer of 1863; within one year, it was the largest city in the Inland Northwest, with an estimated 10,000 residents. These days, few people continue seeking gold in Alder Gulch. But for filmmakers seeking ready-made Old West locations, the towns of Virginia City and Nevada City offer one more chance to strike it rich.

Based on the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, the film dives into the world of Adam Jensen, a Sarif industries’ security consultant that gets augmented after an incident that almost took his life away. Although the film doesn’t follow the narrative of the game exactly, it remains true to the theme while focusing on the relationship between Adam Jensen, and his ex girlfriend Megan Reed, a scientist hand picked by Serif Industries to head Cybernetic Augmentations. Megan is taken by the Illuminati and is asked to assist them in turning on a mysterious device but she refuses to cooperate. Jensen has been looking for Megan since she was kidnapped and has finally pinpointed her location. Adam faces a complication that he did not account for; Yelena Federova, an Augmented assassin is at the facility where Megan is being held. The film also taps, even if briefly, into Adam’s mind and the struggle he must face on daily basis.