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Aberdeen LLC Offers a Petabyte of SAN Storage at NAB

By Monica Burres

Powered by Nexenta’s Nexentastor ZFS file system implementation, the Petarack by Aberdeen LLC can be configured under a single Namespace/Volume that isn’t limited to its own petabyte of included storage. The Petarack’s host capacity can be scaled to more than five petabytes of continuous, uninterrupted storage in a single Namespace/Volume.

The Petarack’s web-based GUI management is used for configuring the array(s), and for the control of a variety of enterprise-level software features, including unlimited snapshots and clones, block level replication, file level replication, and management of virtualized storage.

The Petarack is Cloud and Virtualization ready with 128-bit addressing, huge storage file sizes, nearly unlimited clones, and support for multiple, concurrent server virtualization vendors. Virtualization enables thin provisioning, while improving performance via I/O pooling, which actually improves performance as more storage is added. I/O performance can be further enhanced through the strategic deployment of optional, fast SSD drives in hybrid storage pools.

For more information: www.aberdeeninc.com/abcatg/petarack.htm.

July 14, 2014