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Aframe 3.0 Provides the Industry’s First Automatic Transcoding Feature

By Monica Burres

The newest cloud video platform, Aframe 3.0, was released at the 2014 NAB. Aframe’s platform allows video production streamlining by enabling users to securely store their data in the cloud with capabilities to collaborate with anyone in TV, film and corporate video. Both Sony and Panasonic also unveiled new products that enable workflows straight from the camera to Aframe, increasing Aframe’s efficiency.

Aframe 3.0 provides the industry’s first automatic transcoding feature to provide easy movement from location back to base, as well as administration features that enable easy management.

The adapters within Sony’s new cloud video platform through Aframe allows for proxy uploading in an MP4 format, as well as creates copies to be broadcast immediately or quickly managed and edited. Working with Sony, Aframe users are able to organize content and add metadata in real-time. Ideal for breaking news scenarios, this proxy allows material to be downloaded and used immediately over 3G and 4G networks.

Panasonic’s new shoulder-mount (AJ-PX5000G 2/3) and handheld camcorder (AJ-PX270) enable Aframe users to upload media straight from their camera to cloud storage. The newest cameras by Panasonic are wired with LAN connectivity and 4G to support cloud-based workflow through Aframe 3.0. These new cameras offer higher bandwidth production formats and wired as well as wireless upload capabilities so users can save time through the fast delivery back to base straight from the camera.

July 14, 2014