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AJA Showcases CION Camera at NAB 2014

By Monica Burres

AJA-CIONAJA Video Systems showed NAB 2014 attendees it’s $9,000 CION, a camera that sits between BlackMagic URSA and the 6K Red Dragon Scarlett, and offers features of both cameras – it even outshines them in a number of ways, the company reports. One of the first things noticed is the camera’s built-in shoulder mount; with the ULTRA HD CION’s 6.4 lb. magnesium chassis, it’s also light and should stand up very well in the most rugged field use. The CION features an internal Apple ProRes 444 to directly record 4K video and also enables slow motion shooting at frame rates up to 120 fps via 3G-SDI.

Designed for people who make their living staring through the viewer, the CION features 12-bit recording, a PL lens mount, APSC-sized global CMOS sensor and 12-stop dynamic range. All of the interface controls are on the side of the camera, facing the operator so he or she has full control of all of the camera’s functionality.

The camera’s built-in AJA software doesn’t have the old-fashioned sub-menu navigation you usually need to wade through, the company says. The camera will output AJA Raw video at up to DCI 4K at 120 fps, via quad-link 3G-SDI output and up to 30 fps over the new high-speed Thunderbolt connection.

The integrated steel rosettes allow for mounting industry-standard accessories such as handgrips and handle extensions directly to the camera body. The design also includes integrated cheese plates with standard tapped holes. These cheese plates are fitted to both the top and the bottom of the chassis, to provide easy mounting of accessories from both AJA and third parties.

July 14, 2014