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Anton/Bauer Introduces New Charger Series at 2013 NAB Show

At the 2013 NAB Show, Anton/Bauer®, a premier global provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, debuted its next-generation charging system – the PowerCharger 3000 InterActive® series.

The PowerCharger 3000 series includes three new chargers – FastCharger QUAD with WiFi, FastCharger QUAD and FastCharger DUAL with WiFi. The entire series builds on the success of the company’s PowerCharger 2000 and T-Series chargers, combining their pioneering features to create the company’s most innovative line of simultaneous two- and four-position fast chargers. The PowerChargers feature a robust 300-watt (QUAD) or 150-watt (DUAL) power supply, allowing them to safely and reliably charge Logic Series® batteries in the shortest time possible.PowerCharger 3000

“Continuing our heritage in introducing revolutionary, innovative power solutions, we are very pleased to introduce our new PowerCharger 3000 series at the 2013 NAB Show,” said Chris O’Neill, vice president of product management and marketing, Anton/Bauer. “We have listened to our customers’ needs and built three, next-generation simultaneous fast chargers. Not only do these entail the very best from our existing offerings, but they safely and reliably charge multiple batteries nearly twice as fast as the closest competitive product and offer unprecedented WiFi capability.”

The FastCharger QUAD with WiFi features LCD and WiFi communications. It is the charger to use when diagnostic information is important. It offers four-position simultaneous charging, with 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz wide-range input. It includes field-upgradable software via USB or WiFi. FastCharger QUAD also offers full-power four-position simultaneous charging, but without the LCD and WiFi, making it a well-suited economical option for rental facilities or environments where diagnostics aren’t required.

The FastCharger DUAL with WiFi is a two-position charger perfect for the owner-operator or smaller production houses with a lower quantity of batteries to manage. Its small footprint allows the charger to stay on a desk or shelf without taking up valuable space, while still offering diagnostic information. It offers 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz wide range input and field upgradable software via USB or WiFi.

Each charger in the PowerCharger 3000 series includes the MAXX II Warranty, with the opportunity to secure an additional one-year warranty when a charger is registered online. The WiFi-enabled chargers come with Anton/Bauer’s latest AB-BMS software. Upgraded for these particular chargers, the new AB-BMS software makes the process of managing inventory simple for the end user. The user can easily connect the charger via USB or WiFi to a PC running Microsoft® Windows® to get expanded battery/charger information. The system can send an email with detailed battery data to Anton/Bauer’s Customer Support Specialists if a problem should occur, so they can diagnose and solve the issue promptly. What’s more, updating the software on the PowerCharger 3000 series is easy. Users only need to connect the charger via USB or WiFi to download the latest revision software, no chips are required to order and there is no need to open the charger.

The FastCharger QUAD and DUAL WiFi models exclusively offer the option to add the External Diagnostic Discharge Module (EDM) to maximize all of the features of this powerful charging system. The EDM is a 4-amp sequential discharge module that offers the end user a means to field test batteries for overall health and current running capacity. This data is transmitted to the charger’s integrated Battery Management Software application where a discharge curve is displayed. The mid-point voltage and runtime capacity are also displayed.

April 25, 2013