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August/September 2015

CINDY NEWS: What’s so Special?
Special Feature: Setting the Stage for Emotions
Spotlight: NASCAR and Charlotte — A Perfect Pair
Production: Monsters under the Bed
Crowd Funding? Why not?
Audio: Production Music for Every Production
Lighting: Bigger than a Breadbox – by a Lot
Cinematography: Behind the Scenes – Broken Links
From The Editor: Fire! Donald Trump!

Markee Magazine

June/July 2015

Cinematography – Denny Wong: SHORT TIMER

Cinematography – NAB: Considerations for On-Camera Monitors
Business: What you need when you need it
Spotlight – Route 30-Pennsylvania: Not the Road Trip you Expect
Audio: Getting Sound Right
Lighting: Lighting Up The Hunger Games – Mockingjay
From the Editor: Location, Location, Location


Markee Magazine

April/May 2015

Spotlight | Southeast: Tales from Two Cities

Support Your Local Camera

Business: Three-Steps to get Clients to Come to You

Lighting: Diffusion in the Digital Age — Cinematic Lighting in 2015

Sound for Film: Changing the Soundscape

Equipment: NAB 2015 Preview

From the Editor: Tab, You’re It


Markee Magazine

Winter 2014-2015

Producing Commercials: Production house – Timber
Spotlight: Texas Crew Productions
Producing Commercials: Production house – Nice Shoes
Producing Commercials: Production house – Hostage Films
Producing Commercials: Production house – Alkemy X
Producing Commercials: Morphing Business Models
Mobile Production: Flexibility and Innovation on the Road
Business of Film: Business Model – Have Passion
Business of Film: New Delivery Systems, New Business Models
Business of Film: Flying Files and Safe Storage
Business of Film: Cloud-Based Dailies Take Off
Business of Film: After Post Afterglow
Making TV: Waking Up Naked
Making Commercials: Promoting The Simpsons
From the Editor: Will Clouds Reign?

Fall 2014

Getting the Most from Production Music
Spotlight: Rocky Mountain and Northwest
Lighting: Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC
Lighting: Shane Hurlbut, ASC
Original Music: Hearing is Believing
Independent Productions: Diversity in Action
Making Commercials: Fluid — Dead Man Walking And Chewing Gum
From the Editor: Camera? Who needs a camera?
Making TV: Mathias Herndl — Why-Done-It

film video locations

Summer 2014

Go Big or Go Home: Four Must-Haves for Modern Media Workflows
Hollywood 2.0: Networked Data Centers
4K Cinematography: 4K Your Way
Getting the Most from Renting Gear
Is Filming with a ‘Model Helicopter’ Legal?
Spotlight: East and South
From the Editor: Music in the Air
Making TV: Yasu Tanida – Starting The Blacklist
Making Commercials: Stardust – Psychedelic Tech

remote aerial cinematography UAV film video

Spring 2014

Cinematography: History of Cinematography
Cinematography: ASC Awards – Dean Cundey
Cinematography: ASC Awards – Richard Rawlings
Cinematography: 3D: The 2014 Playbook
Cinematography: Expanded Cinematography
Production Music in the Multi-Screen Universe
NAB 2014 Preview
Virtual? Real? Can we tell?
Making TV: Shooting Homeland
Making Commercials: Lighting Up The U.S.
Digital Discussions: Getting on Screens Everywhere


November/December 2013

Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials
Goin’ Mobile
Spotlight: The South
From the Editor: Behind The Scenes of My Favorite Movies
Making TV: Shooting TV Scenes That Stand Up To The Movies
Making Commercials: The Story of Maria’s Awesomeness
Digital Discussions: Shooting Kids Shooting Golf
Inside View: Porchlight

edting commercials

September/October 2013

Writing The Perfect Track
The West
From the Editor: The Walking Dead Returns
Making TV: Shooting Lawyers
Making Commercials: Luxury Made From The Land
Digital Discussions: Why Where
Inside View: Warner/Chappell Production Music

commercials production

July/August 2013

Working In The Cloud
Studios and Soundstages
From the Editor: Robots to the rescue?
Making TV: Playing With Fire: When fire breaks out on Chicago Fire, it’s real
Making Commercials: Lowe’s Flicker-Cut Campaigns
Digital Discussions: A Clearly Cloudy Future
Inside View: Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office

audio production

May/June 2013

Skitters And Mechs And Overlords, Oh My
Pushing Boundaries
Stock Footage Houses
Spotlight: Northeastern Trailblazers
From the Editor: Share Your Knowledge
Making TV: Cameras And Characters
Making Commercials: Va-Va-Va-Vroom

Inside View: South Coast Film & Video

animated spots and commercials

March/April 2013

Where Imagination Thrives
NAB 2013 From A to Z*

Rental Houses
From the Editor: An Exciting Time For The Industry
Making TV: Shooting The Dark Side
Making Commercials: What Color Is The Music?
Inside View: Megatrax

march april

January/February 2013

ASC Career Achievement in Television Honoree: Rodney Charters
Making Feature Film VFX Look as Easy as Pi
Knowing the Score
Taking the Non-traditional Route
Spotlight: Southeast Success Stories
From the Editor: Southeast Success Stories
Making TV: Making Grimm Faces
Making Commercials: Ring of Fire
Inside View: Douglas Sloan

January February 2013 Life of Pi

November/December 2012

Creating a State of Wonderment
Rolling Into 2013, the Mobile Market Looks Strong
Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials
Spotlight: The South
From the Editor: Music and Cinema
Making TV: Shooting ‘MacGyver Medicine’
Making Commercials: Sunday Night on ABC
Inside View: Big Machine


September/October 2012

Specialty Shooters: All Aboard!
LED Lighting
Spotlight: West Coast
From the Editor: Men in Hats
Making TV: Crazy Fast Shooting
Making Commercials: Making Digital Connections
Inside View: Cartoon Lagoon Studios

Specialty shooters

July/August 2012

Eye on Independent Film
Cowboys, Mobsters, and Concierge Doctors
Setting the (Sound)stages
From The Editor: Film is dead. Long live film.
Making TV: Putting Flesh on the Bones
Making Commercials: Episodic Advertising
Inside View: DUCK Studios

july august 2012

May/June 2012

Feature: Fairy Tales Can Come True
Feature: Stereo 3D Format Is Taking Hold
Spotlight: Filming in and around the nation’s capital
From The Editor: Fairy Tale TV is ‘Must-See’ TV
Making TV: Filming Castle
Making Commercials: Snail Mail Embedded With LCDs
Inside View: Stun Creative

March/April 2012

Feature: Keeping It Real
Feature: Redefining Mobile
Feature: NAB 2012 From A to Z*
Spotlight: Go West
From The Editor: Meet Me In Las Vegas*
Making TV: Let There Be Light
Making Commercials: Wireless Visions
Inside View: Xander™

January/February 2012

Cinematography: 2012 ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Dante Spinotti
Cinematography: 2012 ASC Career in Television Award Winner: William Wages
Feature: War Horse
Feature: The Songs Remain, But They’re Not All the Same
Spotlight: The South Part II
From The Editor: Most Anticipated Movies of 2012
Making TV: Fun With Cars, Bombs And Spies
Making Commercials: Man Chases Pig
Inside View: Giovanni Bucci

tv production

November/December 2011

Feature: Animation Studios
Feature: Moving On Up: Trends in Mobile Production
Feature: Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials
Spotlight: The South
From The Editor: Holiday Classics
Making Commercials: Creating A House Of Cards
Making TV: Re-Inventing Hawaii Five-O
Inside View: Tippett Studio

September/October 2011

Feature: Original Music for Spots, TV and Film
Feature: Double-Daring Lensmen
Feature: What’s Hot In Lighting
Spotlight: The West Coast
From The Editor: ‘Top Gun’ 3D?
Making TV: The Long Road To Prohibition
Making Commercials: Osiris Attitude
Inside View: Backyard/Mighty Film Co.

July/August 2011

Feature: KNB EFX Group and Stargate Studios Bring The Walking Dead To Life
Feature: Locations, Locations, Locations
Feature: Soundstages: Coast to Coast
From The Editor: Zombies – and Others – On Location
Making TV: Disintegrating Into Civil War – METAphrenie
Making Commercials: Testing, Testing – Launch

May/June 2011

Feature: Special Ks: High(er) Resolution Production and Post
Feature: Education — High School and College
Feature: Education — Professional
Spotlight: Stars Come Out, Align in Capital Region
From The Editor: Teaching, Learning and Mastering New Technologies
Making TV: Creating A Sitcom Look — Donald Morgan, ASC – Part 2
Making Comercials: Breaking In — The Wolf Brothers
Inside View: Omnimusic

March/April 2011

Feature: NAB From A to Z
Animation: Quenching Viewers’ Thirst for Animation and VFX in Spots
Mobile Production: ESPN Rolls Out ESPN 3D Network with NEP Supershooters’ Support
Spotlight: Texas and the Southwest Rally for Incentives
Editor’s Note: NAB and the Great Unknown
Making TV: Mr. Sitcom
Making Commercials: Real Barbies
Inside View: Vince Cirelli

January/February 2011

Cinematography: ASC Career Achievement in Television Award Winner- Michael D. O’Shea
Cinematography: ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner- Roger Deakins
Digital Domain Creates a 21st-Century Tron: Legacy
Audio: Music Libraries – Following Trends, For a Song
Spotlight: Setting the Stage(s) for Success
Making TV: Character Shows
Making Comercials: Bond, Dwyane Wade Bond
From The Editor: Film Effects

November/December 2010

Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials
Affordable HD: Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K Cameras Offer Unique POV for Danny Boyle’s 127 HOURS
Affordable HD: Affordable HD: High Quality, Low Cost
Mobile Production: Bird’s Eye View
Mobile Production: Mobile Vendors Keep on Truckin’
Spotlight: The West Coast – Still Golden
Editor’s Notes: Ringing In The New Year
Making TV: Scratch a Magazine, Find a Production Opportunity
Making Commercials: Where No Minion Has Gone Before
Inside View: Randall P. Dark

September/October 2010

Audio: Eye on Sound
Lighting: Illuminating Choices
The New Media E-volution Has Begun
Spotlight: Great Lakes Hold Great Promise For Production
From the Editor: You Say You Want a R(evolution)
Making TV: The Sport of Shooting Adventure-Sports Stories
Making Commercials: 4G-Whiz
Inside View: Hummingbird Productions

July/August 2010

Locations, Locations, Locations
VFX in TV Series: CSI and Warehouse 13 Wow Viewers with VFX
Eye on Independent Films
Spotlight: Northeast
From The Editor: Unconventional Characters
Making TV: The Final Home Run
Making Commercials: Ohio Lottery Steals The Scene
Inside View: STEELE Studios

film making

May/June 2010

Mastering the Stereo 3D Learning Curve
Stock Footage Libraries: Facing Recession Challenges
Setting the Stage(s) for Production Coast to Coast
Spotlight | MidAmerica: Heartland Serves Up Big Slice of American Pie From The Editor: From Hype to Hands On
Making Commercials | Ford SYNC: What Planet Are You From?
Making TV | Need To Know : Meeting Today’s News Needs
Inside View | Offhollywood: Mark L. Pederson

March/April 2010

NAB 2010 Equipment Showcase
Reflections on VFX in Commercials
Mobile Production’s Olympian Achievement

Spotlight: Texas/Southwest: Vast Landscapes, Big Prospects
From The Editor: Rite of Spring
Making TV: The Buddha
Making Commercials: Union Bank
Inside View: Back Alley Films: Tyler Smith

January/February 2010

Film VFX: Legacy Effects: Legacy Effects Populates Pandora
Spotlight: Southeast: Southeast Heats Up as Incentives Fuel Production
Cinematography: ASC Lifetime Achie: A Career of TV Classics, Past and Present
Cinematography: ASC Lifetime Achie: A Lifetime of Learning and Art
Inside View: Sync Sound: Bill Marino
Making Commercials: 12 Days of Chr: Web Projects Now Include Profits
Making TV: Leverage: Camerabatics
Editor’s Notes: Milestones and Makeovers
Music Libraries: Spot Market: Music Libraries See Spots as a Growing Client Base
Inside View: Stephen Arnold

Sept/Oct 2009

Road Trip: Atlanta On The Rebound
Lighting: Litepanels’ Lighting Technology
Cameras & Lenses: Panasonic Pushes Camera Technology
Audio: Audio Innovations from Lectrosonics
Inside View: Jonathan Hall, Director of Photography
Broadcast TV: Shooting Greek
Making A Scene: Extreme Makeover For Smokey Bear
Sound Studios: Mixing it Up
Biz Tips: Cloud Computing For Production Houses

Jul/Aug 2009

Inside View: Teri Rogers, CEO, T2
Making A Scene: Shooting For Effects
Broadcast TV: Shooting A Coma
Sound Stages: Northwest Soundstages
Mobile Production: Mobile Production
High Definition: HD – A Format For All Seasons
Road Trip: Eastern Road Trip
Biz Tips: Do You Use Social Media?


May/June 2009

Sports Production: From All Angles
Creative Lighting: Innovative Lighting Techniques
Broadcast TV: To Get Green Spots, Turn Green
Biz Tips: Getting to Recovery
Making A Scene: Re-Discovery Channel
Inside View: Namakula, creative editor
Sports Broadcasting: Live From the Distribution Highway
Road Trip: Steady Pace in the Midwest

Mar/Apr 2009

Making A Scene: How To Make A Super Bowl Commercial
Inside View: Todd Masters, MastersFX
Biz Tips: Start-Up
Film Equipment : Film: High-quality workhorses
New Media: Video To Go
Road Trip: Texas: The Multi-Talented Lone Star State
Audio: Audio – Location Sound
Video: Video: Endless Choices
Lighting: Lighting: Tried-and-true plus crossovers
Broadcast TV: Paranormal Matrix

Jan/Feb 2009

HD Post : Navigating myriad workflows
Road Trip: The Southeast
Cinematography: ASC bestows the Lifetime Achievement Award

December 2008

BroadcastTV: Editing Reality
Inside View: Bruce Dunn, co-producer HBO series True Blood
Biz Tips: Media Spending Outlook: Bleak
Feature: Location, Location, Location The Southwest offers all three
Feature: Affordable HD: Choices aplenty
Making A Scene: Commercial Jazz
Road Trip: Goin’ South – In a Good Way

November 2008

Biz Tips: A Director?s Marketing Plan
Broadcast TV: History As It Was
Making A Scene: Planet Philly
InsideView: Leigh Roberts
The Sound Experience: Audio takes center stage
The Pulse of Mid-America

October 2008

Camera Technology
Lighting Technology
Postproduction Technology
Grab Your Wallet
The West: Road Trip
New Products
Richard Townhill

September 2008

Be More
Audio: Sound Studios and the spot market
Independent Filmmaking
Audio: Road Trip- Atlanta
Imperiled Indies
Major League Slo-Mo
Dennis Ho, president, Digital Jungle, Los Angeles, CA

August 2008

BroadcastTV: Light Pinks
InsideView: Matt Nix, creator, writer, executive producer Burn Notice, USA Network
Feature: Chicago?s Spot Market ? A changing landscape
BizTips: What If The Credit Crisis Gets Worse?
Road Trip: Mountain States
A Star Is Born (Or Assembled)
feature: Mobile Production — An endless journey

July 2008

Making A Scene: Crowding Terrorists
Inside View: Norman Kent, Director of Photography
Capitol Region : More Than A Political Epicenter
Sound Stages: Sound Stages – Booked and growing
BizTips: Books on Leadership and Creativity
High Definition: RED ONE hits the mark
BroadcastTV: Editing Reality