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June / July 2015

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June / July 2015

Jennifer Lawrence, Frank Sinatra, and Steve Jobs. This is either the beginning of one of those “…walks into a bar” jokes, or it’s a list of the people featured prominently in our June issue. First, learn about the lighting tools and techniques used in the filming of the Hunger Games series, starring Ms. Lawrence. Then check out how Technicolor PostWorks juggled post-production duties for documentaries on Steve Jobs and Frank Sinatra. And as if those articles weren’t intriguing enough, the June issue also features a profile of up-and-coming cinematographer Denny Wong, a close-up look at on-camera monitors, a spotlight on independent filmmaker John Putch, an interview with audio guru Mark Edward Lewis, and much more. Enjoy!

Cinematography - Denny Wong: SHORT TIMER

Cinematography - Denny Wong:  SHORT TIMER

Born in the San Francisco Bay area, Denny Wong is a director who works in a viscerally expressive vein of realism. A theme he explored, both in his film Stay Awhile and during the making of it, was achieving a lot in a short time.Read more...

Cinematography - NAB: Considerations for On-Camera Monitors

Cinematography - NAB:  Considerations for On-Camera Monitors

Accuracy in monitoring and capturing imagery is vital to all video productions, from online streaming to television broadcasts—and, of course, feature-length films. Years ago, the professional relied on capturing moving pictures to film, on tape, or more recently to expensive, proprietary, solid-state memory cards.Read more...

Business: What you need when you need it

Business:  What you need when you need it

The relative health of the film and video production industry in the United States can be measured by the profusion of location audio rental houses. Glen Trew, owner of Trew Audio, with stores in Nashville, Toronto, Vancouver, LA and their newest location in Atlanta is the perfect model for this growth pattern.Read more...

Spotlight - Route 30-Pennsylvania: Not the Road Trip you Expect

Spotlight - Route 30-Pennsylvania: Not the Road Trip you Expect

John Putch is an independent sort of independent filmmaker. An industry veteran, Putch is the son of Emmy- and Golden Globe-winner Jean Stapleton, and producer/director William H. Putch. He began acting at the age of five and produced his first film at age 12 when his father shoved a super-8 camera into his hands...Read more...

Audio: Getting Sound Right

Audio:  Getting Sound Right

“I believe audio is the most important aspect for moving an audience.” Naturally, those are the words of an audio producer, director, and engineer. With more than 25 years of writing and producing musical scores, re-recording, mixing, developing sound design, editing, writing and directing,...Read more...

Lighting: Lighting Up The Hunger Games - Mockingjay

Lighting:  Lighting Up The Hunger Games - Mockingjay

When Jo Willems SBC, director of photography, and his crew were shooting in Atlanta, Paris, and Berlin to create the “new world order” of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, they used an array of proven tools of the trade. Like most professionals, Willems and his crew had their preferences based on years of experience.Read more...

From the editor: Location, Local, Location

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The real estate sales mantra, “Location, Location, Location!” can fit nicely with the independent filmmaker’s mantra, “Keep It Cheap.” The majors can send scouts to find just the right location for a film or TV show based on the script writer’s concepts.Read more...