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Athena Studios Founder Named to Board for Visual Effects Society N. California Chapter

Jon V. Peters, CEO/founder of Athena Studios, has been named to the Board of Directors for the Visual Effects Society’s Northern California chapter.Jon Peters

“We’re sincerely delighted to have Jon Peters become a newly elected VES Bay Area board member,” said David Tanaka, VES section chairman, Bay Area/Northern California. “Over the years, Jon has helped the VES Bay Area Section many times as a dedicated local VES member, offering video-graphy, post-production and archiving services on numerous occasions, including a 2012 Ralph McQuarrie Tribute, the Mill Valley Film Festival Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary and Star Wars 35th Anniversary retrospectives, to name a few. We appreciate all that Jon and Athena Studios have done for the VES Bay Area Section in the past, and we look forward to future collaborations with Jon and his company through his new capacity as a board member.”

“I am thrilled to play a more integral role in the Northern California Visual Effects Society,” Peters added. “I am looking forward to helping our members by creating a greater understanding of Visual Effects and their role in film-making, as well as having the opportunity to educate our members on other aspects of effects through panel discussions and other events.”

Peters began his career as an industrial designer in San Jose, Calif. He went on to become a professional model maker and helped design and build a special full-scale interactive spaceship, special venue project with the Optical Photography Coordinator from George Lucas’ Miniature and Optical Effects Unit on the original Star Wars and effects professionals from Universal Studios Hollywood. Shortly thereafter, Peters left model making to start his own advertising and design firm, which specialized in high technology clients.

March 18, 2013