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axle Video Showcases Storage Updates at NAB

By Monica Burres

The media management company, axle Video, announced axle 2014 at the April 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nev. Promising a much faster performance, axle 2014 is ideal for editors and filmmakers in need of a new and improved method of storing media assets. Also, the company announced availability of the new axle Gear Pro, axle GearStack and axle Gear for Adobe Anywhere.

The axle 2014 features new iPhone and Android support, with the axle Gear Pro focusing on media management software support, the axle GearStack catering to file-based ingest appliances, and axle Gear for Adobe Anywhere focusing on transcoding software with a feature to approve media for transcoding, editing and storing from anywhere.

axle Video makes it simpler for users to find content and increase output while having all software accessible to the other. axle plans to sell each bundle of software in availabilities for up to five users, which is ideal for editing groups and media companies in need of a fresh take on media asset storage and compatibility.

July 14, 2014