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  • CINDY Awards

    News: CINDY Awards

    Frankly, the notion of entering award events and festivals might seem anathema to some of you. You don’t see the point. “My work speaks for itself” is a
  • The CineStar 8 is an eight-rotor drone for lifting heavier cameras.

    Never Fear: ‘Drones’ Are Here… To Stay!

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as drones) are radio controlled electronic aircraft, most commonly of a multirotor design or a foam,
  • 1,000 Feet Project

    Spotlight - New York: 1,000 Feet to Victory

    It might be hard to believe that a youngster can enhance his or her self-image and develop a new set of goals in just 1,000 feet, but photojournalist/video
  • no-image-6253

    Production: Pay no attention…

    We’re far below the ground in a cavernous room illuminated by the light of a giant video screen suspended from the ceiling. The room is jammed with
  • SaaS Solutions

    Business: SaaS Solutions

    Over the past few years, the first software as a service (SaaS) solutions for accelerating the transfer of large media files—both between people at various
  • no-image-6240

    Audio: Production Music in Non-Theatrical Films and Videos

    Music plays a critical role in how we experience any audio-visual production. Through harmony, melody, instrumentation, rhythm and structure, music is a
  • Photobubble

    Lighting: Shooting in a Bubble

    The Photobubble was originally invented as a solution to another production problem. In 2003, I was producing the first Prius commercial for director Roman
  • Johnny Derango

    A Rocker for All Seasons

    With a name like Johnny Derango, you might expect him to be a cowboy actor but he’s actually a DP who has worked on multiple films and commercials. One of
  • Lathan and Ealy get romantic on the dance floor.

    The Perfect Guy Needs the Perfect Lenses

    The Perfect Guy is a film by director David M. Rosenthal and, like most feature films, there was almost as much drama behind the camera as in front of it.
  • no-image-6204

    From the Editor: Roots and Branches

    The old adage “Everyone has to start somewhere” is both obvious and somewhat profound. In the digital age, however, the “where” sometimes gives the starter
  • CINDY Awards

    CINDY NEWS: What’s so Special?

    The Cinema in Industry (CINDY) Awards began two years after the founding of the Industry Film Production Association in Los Angeles. This fledgling
  • Alex Buono in his element, behind the camera.

    Special Feature: Setting the Stage for Emotions

    Visual styles and subtext. That’s how Alex Buono describes what he teaches filmmakers during his current nationwide series of workshops. Sponsored by MZ
  • no-image-6094

    Spotlight: NASCAR and Charlotte — A Perfect Pair

    Early in 2015, two creative industry executives announced the official launch of a new production company focused on serving worldwide agencies and brands.
  • 32TEN-crash

    Production: Monsters under the Bed

    Before we discuss the use of practical effects in today’s filmmaking, let’s define the term and where it fits in the lexicon of special effects. “Special
  • Skyler-Reed

    Crowd Funding? Why not?

    Skyler Reed first approached me to help her create her first professional level music video after a collaboration I did with singer/songwriter Rahkua
  • Production-Music-headphones

    Audio: Production Music for Every Production

    Markee has been covering the production music industry for a long time, including an annual guide to production music sources. The magazine also sponsors
  • Hussar used the FB-100 light in chronicling the restoration of the WW&F locomotive.

    Lighting: Bigger than a Breadbox – by a Lot

    In many ways, the story of American expansion Westward is the story of railroads. Trains held the fascination of generations of children long before
  • Cinematography: Behind the Scenes - Broken Links

    My latest movie, Broken Links, had needs that were greater than the available resources. I was lucky and received manufacturers’ assistance with everything
  • no-image-6050

    From The Editor: Fire! Donald Trump!

    With aging comes memory loss. So goes the conventional wisdom, anyway. Maybe it’s a matter of semantics, though; it’s not that we can’t remember things,
  • Denny Wong

    Cinematography - Denny Wong: SHORT TIMER

    Born in the San Francisco Bay area, Denny Wong is a director who works in a viscerally expressive vein of realism. A theme he explored, both in his film