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Cineo Lighting acquires TruColor

Cineo Lighting™ becomes Silicon Valley’s premier manufacturer of next-generation lighting for motion pictures and television with their acquisition of the TruColor™ line of lighting fixtures from Production Resource Group.

The key individuals who pioneered Remote Phosphor Technology for image capture have formed Cineo Lighting: Chris Varrin and Rich Pierceall. Joining them is Trisha Maas, who will head up Cineo’s Los Angeles operations.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to continue a leadership role in the development of Remote Phosphor Technology for our industry,” said Rich Pierceall, who leads Cineo’s sales and marketing efforts. “We now have greater flexibility to explore the application of RP technology for lighting film, television and professional photography.”

“We’re using our experience with TruColor HS™ to create more lighting tools that carry the same superior color quality and output,” added Chris Varrin, who heads up Cineo’s design and engineering. “This is what our customers want us to build.”

Product improvements for both TruColor HS and TruColor Foton™ will be released in the weeks ahead, including a new 6500K RP panel for the TruColor HS fixture and several new products at NAB 2013.

January 29, 2013