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Current Issue

Markee 2.0 MagazineTable of Contents

October / November 2015

Some of us are living in a bubble. Well, at least we’re working in a bubble – a Photobubble – and then we go home to our families like everyone else. Read about this cool, technological marvel in our cover story. And be sure to check out this month’s other features on The Perfect Guy, the Fujinon PL 19-90mm Cabrio lens, production music company Oovra Music, SaaS provider Signiant, the tech behind The Hunger Games, drones, and much more.

Never Fear: ‘Drones’ Are Here… To Stay!

Never Fear:  ‘Drones’ Are Here… To Stay!

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs, commonly referred to as drones) are radio controlled electronic aircraft, most commonly of a multirotor design or a foam, fixed-wing plane, with cameras and sensors for capturing video and photos. They are intended for hobbyists and professionals alike and are used for imaging and data collection in commercial and industrial applications.Read more...

Spotlight - New York: 1,000 Feet to Victory

Spotlight - New York:  1,000 Feet to Victory

It might be hard to believe that a youngster can enhance his or her self-image and develop a new set of goals in just 1,000 feet, but photojournalist/video editor Steve Eisen saw it again and again working on the 1,000 Feet Project.Read more...

Production: Pay no attention…

Production:  Pay no attention…

We’re far below the ground in a cavernous room illuminated by the light of a giant video screen suspended from the ceiling. The room is jammed with electronic monitoring equipment and it’s buzzing with activity as technicians on two levels monitor hundreds of video feeds. Although the technology is a combination of Apollo era electronics and the latest cutting-edge equipment, it’s impressive in its scope.Read more...

Business: SaaS Solutions

Business:  SaaS Solutions

Over the past few years, the first software as a service (SaaS) solutions for accelerating the transfer of large media files—both between people at various locations and into the cloud—have entered the market. They’re not only transforming file-based workflows for media companies of every size, they’re supporting the development of new media-focused SaaS and web applications.Read more...

Audio: Production Music in Non-Theatrical Films and Videos

Audio: Production Music in Non-Theatrical Films and Videos

Music plays a critical role in how we experience any audio-visual production. Through harmony, melody, instrumentation, rhythm and structure, music is a vehicle for both pacing and emotion that, when used properly, can really give a story that “next level” impact. But for those working with tight budgets, this can seem like a challenge. Is it really possible to get great music without hiring a composer? Where does one even begin to find the right music, let alone get it to work well with the picture?Read more...

Lighting: Shooting in a Bubble

Lighting: Shooting in a Bubble

The Photobubble was originally invented as a solution to another production problem. In 2003, I was producing the first Prius commercial for director Roman Coppola and we were given the task of filming a car at speed (55mph) in a reflection-less environment, so that a “sea-of-holes” world could be created for a car to travel in without having the producers spend a fortune and a great deal of time pulling a world of reflections out of the car’s exterior in post.Read more...

A Rocker for All Seasons

A Rocker for All Seasons

With a name like Johnny Derango, you might expect him to be a cowboy actor but he’s actually a DP who has worked on multiple films and commercials. One of those films changed his mind about what a servo lens, a “rocker lens,” can do. Since his introduction to the Fujinon PL 19-90mm Cabrio two years ago, it’s become his go-to lenses for everything.Read more...

The Perfect Guy Needs the Perfect Lenses

The Perfect Guy Needs the Perfect Lenses

The Perfect Guy is a film by director David M. Rosenthal and, like most feature films, there was almost as much drama behind the camera as in front of it. Director of photography Peter Simonite, gives more details, “The film is a thriller, much like Fatal Attraction. The story revolves around Leah Vaughn, played by Sanaa Lathan, who just broke up with her boyfriend, Morris Chestnut’s character, and she finds this guy, Michael Ealy, who just seems too good to be true.Read more...

News: CINDY Awards

News: CINDY Awards

Frankly, the notion of entering award events and festivals might seem anathema to some of you. You don’t see the point. “My work speaks for itself” is a familiar refrain. Other folks just find the process of competition offensive in itself because they simply don’t like tooting their own horn if they win. But consider this...Read more...

From the Editor: Roots and Branches

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The old adage “Everyone has to start somewhere” is both obvious and somewhat profound. In the digital age, however, the “where” sometimes gives the starter a false sense of accomplishment before it is earned. What I mean is, the Internet is filled with videos “produced” by people with cameras who become celebrities and instant filmmakers without the traditional training and experience. If anyone with a camera is a filmmaker, where will professional filmmakers work?Read more...