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Documentary Filmmaker Kevin Breslin Debuts First Feature-Length Film, ‘Blowtorch’



Director Kevin Breslin (center) with actors Jack Falahee (left) and Jarod Abrahamson (right).

Documentary filmmaker Kevin Breslin will present his first feature-length motion picture, Blowtorch, during AFM 2014 (November 5-12).

Breakout actor Jack Falahee, one of the leading cast members in the new hit ABC TV series How to Get Away with Murder, stars in the Brooklyn-based crime thriller, based on a true story.

Blowtorch depicts the story of single mother Ann Willis (Lois Robbins,) a financially struggling single woman desperate to find the killers of her son Dave (Jarod Abrahamson,) a young man who was lured into selling crystal meth by a local drug lord (Armand Assante). Ann cannot live with the fact that she does not know who killed her son, and the seasoned NYPD detective (William Baldwin) assigned to her son’s murder case doesn’t give her the attention she demands. Gradually, Ann decides to take the investigation into her own hands, and through fearless determination by scouring the rough streets of South Brooklyn day and night, searches for an answer.

Ann stalks the gangsters, and befriends a young drug dealer (Falahee) she suspects knows the truth about her son. Using her cell phone, she begins following and recording everyone she believes is responsible for her son’s murder. Stopping at nothing, she even seduces the young dealer to get the story. Despite pressure from the detective, and being threatened and attacked by the drug gang, she fearlessly continues until she finally discovers the terrible secret behind her son’s untimely death.

Blowtorch, directed by Kevin Breslin, was written by Breslin and Rosemary Breslin, and produced by Adrienne Stern and Jesse Scolaro. The film is from ME 3 Productions, LLC. Please see: https://www.facebook.com/BlowtorchMovie

About Kevin Breslin:

Director Kevin Breslin is considered one of the top documentary filmmakers in the U.S. today. His film Living for 32, which portrays the story of survivors of the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings, was a finalist in the “Best Documentary” category for the 2011 Academy Awards, and also was an official selection by the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Breslin’s 2011 festival winning documentary #whilewewatch, the gripping portrait of Occupy Wall Street, can be seen on SnagFilms. His first short film, A Smile Gone, but Where? (2002) was shown at film festivals throughout the world, and also premiered on the Oxygen Network, along with Breslin’s second short film, Women of Rockaway (2002), which won the 2003 Gracie Allen Award for “Best TV Documentary.”


November 7, 2014