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Editor’s Notes: Milestones and Makeovers

By Christine Bunish

It’s a milestone to achieve a 25th anniversary — as Bill Marino of Sync Sound will tell you (see Inside View) — and Markee’s celebration of 25 years of publication is a very special one.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, word of Markee’s demise 24 years into its run was not what it appeared to be. After a brief hiatus Markee has been relaunched by Lionheart Publishing as Markee 2.0, a fresh, new look at all things film and video. Markee 2.0 will offer more of the national scope and regional focus that it’s been known for: in-depth profiles of newsmakers, coverage of the thriving production and post markets across America, perspectives of independent filmmakers and a new generation of content providers, reports from creatives and technical wizards in every aspect of the business. Markee 2.0’s innovative editorial will be presented in a bold, contemporary visual framework, created by art director Alan Brubaker, that supports the feature stories, columns and departments and provides a strong, attractive environment for advertisers.

Like Legacy Effects (see Feature Film VFX) whose work on Avatar builds on the company’s heritage under the legendary Stan Winston, Markee 2.0 stands on the shoulders of John Hutchinson, Janet Karcher and Jon Hutchinson who founded Markee and piloted it for its first 24 years. Thanks go to John Llewellyn, Markee 2.0’s publisher, for recognizing the unique role Markee has played in the film and video industry and offering opportunities to expand that role in new directions as we move forward. Thanks also to Markee veterans Mark R. Smith, Michael Fickes and Gayle Rosier for ably taking on new challenges.

So welcome to the first issue of Markee 2.0. We hope you’ll enjoy examining the camerawork of Leverage, discovering a new take on The 12 Days of Christmas, visiting with ASC award-winning cinematographers Caleb Deschanel and John C. Flinn, getting a new perspective on Avatar from Legacy Effects, exploring the busy production and post scene in the Southeast, finding music libraries just right for your commercials, and marking Sync Sound’s silver anniversary — and Markee’s.

December 21, 2012