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Equipment: NAB 2015 Preview

NAB attendees can use this article to get a head start on convention planning, while non-attendees can keep pace with manufacturers’ latest product briefs.

By Cory Sekine-Pettite

The DJI booth from the 2014 NAB Show.

The DJI booth from the 2014 NAB Show.



(Booth #SL10210)

Aframe will launch the next generation of its cloud video collaboration platform. Aframe enables teams to upload, transcode, and store video footage, organize content and collaborate across locations and time zones at every stage of the production media lifecycle. Aframe’s secure platform is designed to handle large volume, multi-format broadcast quality content and is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations, broadcasters, and producers. Aframe’s 2015 Spring Release will include expanded search and discovery features, enhanced multimedia format handling for non-video assets such as audio files, graphic files and documents, and a new approvals workflow for more streamlined feedback between users. The new release is designed to make the management of professional video and production assets more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective.

Andra ARC Controller

Andra ARC Controller

Andra Motion Technologies
(Booth #C6819)

Canadian high-tech film and video technology start-up Andra Motion Technologies will show its next-generation auto-focus system for film and TV professionals. The new automated focus system, first shown at last year’s NAB event, uses motion-tracking to follow subjects in the scene and maintain sharp focus on them in real time. “We showed our prototype system at NAB last year, and the response was incredible,” says Andra CEO Julian Taylor. “We’ve had film studios, directors, and TV producers knocking on our doors ever since, but we wanted to get the product just right. This year, we’ll be showing a system that tracks several moving objects at the same time and allows you to remotely switch focus between them instantly, even if the camera is moving as well.” Also new this year are refinements in Andra’s iPad app controller for the system, a wider operation range, and more features in the dedicated ARC hand control unit, which offers focus-pull operators a range of manual focus-control options. Systems will be available for various applications, including studio setups and small, highly portable run-and-gun documentary or action-sequence work with film or video cameras.

Cooke Optics
(Booth # C8643)

Cooke Optics, the multi-award winning manufacturer of precision lenses for film and television, has pledged to start shipping the 25mm and 135mm Anamorphic/i lenses by NAB 2015. The new lenses, announced at IBC 2014, will further enhance the range, which currently includes 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm models. At NAB 2015, Cooke also will present its 5/i prime lenses, the S4/i series and the increasingly popular miniS4/i range. In addition, the latest products in the Cooke Metrology range will be available for demonstration.

(Booth #SL13718)

Corning will showcase one of its latest innovations — Optical Cables by Corning — which are designed to help broadcasters and other A/V professionals create, move, and manage data for these high-bandwidth applications in a more flexible, efficient, and durable way. The cables the first all-optical fiber cables for the Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 communities, and are available in lengths spanning up to 60 meters. These cables allow for data transfer speeds up to 10 Gb/s through Thunderbolt technology, up to 20 Gb/s through Thunderbolt 2, and up to 5 Gb/s through USB 3.0 and 2.0 technology. The cables are thin, light and remarkably tough — they can be bent, squeezed, and tangled. Optical Cables by Corning also are 50 percent smaller, 80 percent lighter, and still stronger than comparable copper cables, making them ideal for 4K and 8K video production environments such as location work and studios.

Dalet Digital Media Systems
(Booth #SL4525)

Dalet Digital Media Systems is gearing up to showcase its latest future-proofing broadcast and media solutions at this year’s NAB Show. On trend with the demand for UHD content, brand new at the show will be the upcoming Dalet AmberFin 10.6, which introduces support for high-quality down-conversion from UHD to HD/SD in Dalet AmberFin Dark. Dalet Brio 3.1 will bring video over IP support, pioneering the facility of the future. The industry-leading Dalet Galaxy platform continues to foster collaboration in MAM-driven news, sports and production workflows, while the latest additions to the Dalet On-the-Go mobile app enhance remote and mobile collaboration. In its 25th anniversary, Dalet also will be highlighting its brand new, free education platform for media industry professionals, the Dalet Academy. Bringing exciting and impartial presentations live to the NAB stage, show attendees can engage face-to-face with Dalet’s industry insiders on the issues that matter to media professionals.



(Booth # SU6605)

DVEO will demonstrate the broadcast standard version of its miniature 1080p HD camera, featuring 29.97/59.94 fps in addition to 30/60 fps. The 2.1 megapixel CMOS camera is just 1.66 x 1.14 x 1.14 inches and weighs approximately 1.41 ounces. The so-called GNAT features a built-in OSD (on screen displays) joystick and a 1/3-inch progressive scan CMOS sensor. The DSP chip-based camera is available in cased or board versions, with prices starting at under $500. A broadcast standard version is available with 29.97/59.94 fps. All versions of the camera output NTSC or PAL video. The cased version ships with a tripod adapter, universal power supply, and control cable. The GNAT features WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), Dynamic Motion Detection (8 zones, up to 1980 blocks), digital zoom, and defog.

(Booth #C8612)

Egripment Support Systems, manufacturer of high-end camera support systems and remote broadcast solutions for the film and broadcast industries, is unveiling its new 205/D Digital Remote Head for modern, smaller cine and ENG cameras at NAB for the first time. Following in the footsteps of the company’s well-regarded 306/D Digital and Encoded Remote Camera heads and systems, the 205/D offers the same exacting precision and smoothness in a smaller and lighter design, providing users an affordable solution into virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) production. The company also will present a variety of other new products, including the 336/DCM and 336/TPM for use with the 205/D and 306/D, the 225 G-Track Generic Tracking System, TDT Remote Crane System, Universal Dolly, Focus Dolly and ProTraveller System.



Facilis Technology
(Booth #SL8811)

At NAB 2015, Facilis will showcase significant innovations to its TerraBlock shared storage system. Upcoming releases of TerraBlock will include scale-out features for larger workgroups, integrated asset tracking, improved interoperability with third-party applications, and performance enhancements for resolution independent workflows. Facilis TerraBlock is a multi-platform, high-performance shared storage solution built for post-production and content creation. Flexible connectivity options include 4/8/16Gbps Fibre Channel and 1/10/40Gbps Ethernet through Facilis’ Shared File System. TerraBlock shared storage enables collaborative workflows with all popular editing platforms and supports a wide range of industry-standard creative applications and formats including full 4K DPX.

(Booth #C5117)

FOR-A will showcase the latest version of its 4K high-speed camera, multi-viewing and signal processing technology, and a variety of video switchers, including the new HVS-2000. The HVS-2000 is a flexible SD, HD, 3G and 4K video switcher that allows up to 48 inputs/18 outputs or 40 inputs/22 outputs. The unit features exclusive features unique to other switchers in its class, including the introduction of MELite, which allows a traditional AUX bus to transform into a functional M/E with cut, mix, wipe and key control; ONStage, a newly developed technology designed specifically for staging events where multiple image magnification displays are used; and FLEXaKEY, which allows operators to tailor their production needs by adding and moving key and DVE layers to traditional M/E resources or to MELite resources. On the camera front, FOR-A will introduce the newest version of its 4K variable frame rate camera, the FT-ONE-S. The new 4K camera allows operators to separate the camera head from the body for exceptional mobility. Capable of shooting up to 360 frames per second (fps), the FT-ONE-S enables unprecedented shooting positions and camera angling for live sports and events.

FUJIFILM, Optical Devices Division
(Booth #C7025)

The Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM North America will show off its range of lenses, including its latest Cine-Style, broadcast studio, and field lenses. The entire range of FUJINON Premier PL 4K+ cine lenses and the Cabrio cine/ENG-Style lens series will be on hand and demonstrated in a wide range of applications and on a variety of cameras. The entire range of Premier PL 4K+ cine lenses will be in the booth. The 14.5-45mm T2.0, 18-85mm T2.0, 24-180mm T2.6, and 75-400mm T2.8-T3.8 will all be on display. All four PL Mount zooms are similar in size and weight, and uniform gear placement and front barrel diameters (136mm). The latest addition to its popular series of cine zooms — the FUJINON Premier PL 25-300mm Cabrio — will be on hand, along with the rest of the Cabrio series. FUJINON’s popular Cabrio series includes: the new PL 25-300mm, PL 19-90, PL 85-300, and PL 14-28mm. The PL 19-90, PL 85-300, and PL 14-35 Cabrio feature exclusive detachable servo drive units; the PL 25-300 servo is optional, making them suitable for use as a standard PL lens or as an ENG-style lens. And they can be controlled using cinema industry standard wireless controllers, as well as existing FUJINON wired and wireless units.

iZotope RX 4

iZotope RX 4

iZotope, Inc.
(Booth #SL4330)

iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, will unveil new tools for post-production users at NAB 2015. These new tools are intended to help content creators deliver consistent and compliant levels, stems, and surround channels. iZotope also will showcase its RX 4 application, which has become an industry standard for audio repair and enhancement. NAB 2015 will be the first opportunity for the public to see the latest post-centric tools, intended to give editors and mixers more time for creativity. RX 4 helps editors save otherwise unusable audio from the cutting room floor. By reducing the need to re-voice via ADR (automated dialogue replacement), or scrap an otherwise great take in today’s reality shows, RX 4 helps preserve original performances by making it possible to use production dialogue. Further, iZotope will demonstrate RX Connect for the first time to NAB audiences, showing streamlined workflows between popular video and audio editing applications.

JVC Professional Products
(Booth #C4314)

Come see the new 4KCAM camera line that provides high-quality HD and Ultra HD 4K acquisition for broadcasters, filmmakers and more. The flagship of JVC’s new 4KCAM product line, the GY-LS300, features a 4K Super 35mm CMOS sensor and MFT lens mount. JVC’s unique Variable Scan Mapping technology maintains the native angle of view for Super35, Super16, MFT, and other lenses. It also features built-in HD streaming and can record 4K Ultra HD or Full HD to SDHC/SDXC media cards. JVC’s most affordable streaming camcorder, the versatile GY-HM200, delivers 4K Ultra HD, Full HD, and SD imagery with a 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS chip. It features a built-in 12x zoom lens with optical image stabilizer, color viewfinder and LCD display, dual XLR audio inputs, and integrated handle with hot shoe and dedicated microphone mount. The economical GY-HM170 offers a heavy-duty body with professional controls. It records 4K Ultra HD as H.264 files, and can record HD and SD footage in a variety of resolutions and frame rates.



Matthews Studio Equipment
(Booth #C5437)

Matthews Studio Equipment will be introducing the new series of VATOR III heavy-duty lighting stands at NAB 2015. The VATOR series of stands are always a staple support on productions around the world. This new, third generation of industry proven HD cranking stands will be available in six different models that range form a single riser LoBoy, through the CRANK and SUPER CRANKS — all the way to the new MEGA Vator (pictured) offering a 15-foot height and 200 pound capacity, says Robert Kulesh, VP of sales and marketing. All the new VATOR III stands from Matthews are manufactured in the USA of locally produced components and come with a three-year warranty.

Miller Camera Support, LLC
(Booth #C9520)

Miller is showcasing its new, complete Cineline Tripod System, which features a new HD Mitchell Base 1-Stage Alloy Tripod and HD Alloy Ground Spreader to complement the previously introduced Cineline 70 Fluid Head and further expand the company’s range in the cinematographic market. Executives will be on-hand to discuss the latest products, designed to meet the demanding needs of cinematographers who desire speed, reliability, and consistency to be paramount.

(Booth #C1724)

Making its debut at NAB 2015, Nila’s new Arina light is a one-to-one replacement for a 2,500-watt HMI while only drawing 800 watts. According to Nila, this fixture is the next-generation version of the company’s popular SL, but with greater punch, substantially less weight, and in a much narrower profile. This means that you can do away with all of the heavy cables, generator power, external dimmers, and frequent lamp replacement chores typically associated with HMIs. And, by drawing only 6 amps, multiple Arinas can operate on the same standard 20-amp circuit with enough output to light any stage or provide fill for the sunniest on-location shoots. Moreover, the new Arina still offers all of the same features found in other Nila lights such as on-board or DMX-controllable dimming, holographic lenses, and flicker-free operation for high-speed photography; all packaged in an inductively-cooled (no fan), durable, housing.

(Booth #SL12517)

Pronology continues to update its complete asset management platform to accommodate a larger base of users and workflows. This includes added HTML5 support in its video player, to additional record and import options. In addition, Pronology will highlight its custom-built ProStream encoders, which seamlessly records three tiers of video without missing a frame of action: a high-resolution media file, wrapped as an MXF OP1a, OP Atom or QuickTime, a lower resolution “edit proxy” and a live web-streamable proxy of multiple bit-rates.

Red Giant
(Booth #S108LMR)

Red Giant will showcase Magic Bullet Suite 12. Delivering a powerful color correction and grading experience, Magic Bullet Suite 12 includes an unprecedented number of new features and improvements to existing tools, and introduces the all-new Magic Bullet Film. Built on the same foundation as the award-winning Red Giant Universe, Magic Bullet Suite 12 includes GPU acceleration for Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista III, Mojo, Cosmo and Magic Bullet Film, bringing real time color correction and grading directly to the editing host application. “Magic Bullet Suite 12 is a return to our roots: powerful color correction with a focus on a simple and enjoyable user experience,” says Nate Sparks, Magic Bullet Suite product manager. “We stepped back and looked at every feature introduced over the years and asked, ‘How can this be better?’ Every tool has been optimized for the GPU, providing real time rendering and so much more.”

(Booth #C2134)

RTW is showing for the first time at NAB its new TM3-Primus, a unique combined USB, analog and digital compact loudness and level meter that meets worldwide standards. Designed for workstations, edit suites, musicians, and small site operations, TM3-Primus includes vectorscope, RTA, chart, and monitoring capabilities. Its touch screen allows vertical and horizontal operation. The company also is presenting its TMR7 TouchMonitor, a radio-dedicated loudness metering device that offers dual vectorscope and loudness mode for simultaneous display of program and pre-listening. The company’s Mastering Tools software DAW plugin for loudness, level and additional powerful audio analysis and mono-to-7.1 measurement for TV, radio and cinema also will be on display.

Sound Devices
(Booth #C6040)

Sound Devices will be featuring its latest 12-input field production mixer, the 688, with its integrated 16-track recorder, MixAssist™ auto-mixing capability, plus the SL-6 wireless system. With the SL-6 SuperSlot™ chassis, the 688 system provides tight integration and control of wireless manufacturers’ slot-compatible receivers with no cabling required.

(Booth #C8043)

Zylight will introduce a new on-camera light. The company also will demonstrate the IS3c, a high-output light that can serve as a background color wash light or as a wide soft light. It features built-in controls for adjusting color temperature, color correction, and Zylight’s Color Mode, which produces millions of colors without gels or filters. The F8 LED Fresnel, which collapses to four inches thick for easy transport and storage, is ideal for run-and-gun shooting. It is water resistant (IP54) and can be powered by a worldwide AC adapter, or even standard 14.4V camera battery. Zylight also offers the F8-B, a black light version of its popular LED Fresnel, with a proprietary ultraviolet chip for true black light applications. With its patented flat focusing system and eight-inch SCHOTT glass lens, the F8-B is one of the only dedicated LED UV instruments on the market that delivers variable zoom control. Like other Zylight models, the F8-B features ZyLink wireless technology, which makes it easy to link multiple Zylights for simultaneous remote control, and full DMX operation.

April 8, 2015