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From the Editor: Markee Needs You

By Tom Inglesby

There are few industries that have been impacted by technology more than film and video. From new ways to make them to new ways to show them, the market has been demanding change, change, and more change. At Markee 2.0, we understand our readers are challenged by all those changes and need to know better ways to meet those challenges. We want to help but can’t from an “ivory tower” position. We need your help.

To get feedback as to what we can present to our readers that will make their jobs easier, more creative, and productive, we are asking for volunteers to join with us in a virtual Editorial Advisory Board. No meetings to disrupt your work, no fees to pay to get a voice, no rubber chickens to digest to have a say in what we focus on in your magazine.

For example, Board member Nic Dugger of TNDV Television in Nashville, told us that he sees two areas we should cover: advanced live streaming applications and the “real” move to 4K. We’ve taken him up on that and will have a feature in the next issue on 4K in the real and reel world.

Another subject getting attention in the industry is the move to multiple screens. How can you shoot with that in mind? Will your film be compatible with all the various screens being used today, from smartphones at 2 inches to tablets at 10 inches and laptops at 17 inches if you are making it for the theater or a 30-plus inch television set?

Is The Cloud the future for storage and delivery? Are online applications, SaaS or software as a service, important to you or is that just another fad? We need to know so we can explore these technologies and approaches together with you.

So here’s the deal: send me an e-mail and let me know you are interested in joining our virtual Board, that you want to add your voice to your peers in telling us what is happening in the real world, where you create. This offer is open to all readers, both in the vendor community and among producers, crews and others who deal with film and video production on a daily basis.

Tell us what you see as the challenges we should cover and the methods for overcoming them. We’ll sign up members, communicate with you all and listen to your advice and suggestions. Let’s create something new, a community in print for all film and video producers and their crews.

Tom Inglesby

March 14, 2014