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Music & Sound Guide

Driving the Scene with Music

By Rich Goldman
Riptide Music Group

Music can either support or drive a scene and where you begin the search for that music should be determined by how important the music will be in the success of the scene, commercial, or video. When instrumental music is simply used to support setting the right tone and feel, a wide variety of production music is available at very affordable fees. Decisions on which library to use should be driven by the specialty of the library — very contemporary offerings, ethnic music, period music, etc.

When the intended use requires a song with lyrics by a band or singer/songwriter, or very high-end music that typically comes from commercial artists and top-end trailer producers, other sources of music discovery should be used. There’s “heart and soul” in music from dedicated artists that stands apart from production music. Both have their place and libraries such as Riptide are committed to developing and acquiring the best for both worlds.

Markee’s annual guide to music and sound production services for the film and video industry.

5 alarm ImageM Production Music
5 Alarm Music
5 Alarm Music is the largest independent music library in the nation offering music for Film, TV, Commercials and Promos. Over 80 production music libraries, search and download online, live chat help. Over 280+ indie artists (Rescue Records).
P: 626.304.1698 • F: 626.795.2058
FirstCom Music’s 25 spectacular libraries
Your Music Soundtrack For Film & TV
FirstCom Music’s 25 spectacular libraries deliver the combined power of over 170,000 tracks, with 7,000+new tracks released every year. Delivery options include:hard-drive and online.
hear the difference
P: 800.858.8880 • F: 972.242.6520
CSS Music
CSS Music Celebrates 32 YearsA lot has changed since 1982. Formats have come and gone, but CSS, the oldest royalty free library under original management, is still striving to deliver the music you’ll be proud to use.
P: 800.GOT.MUSIC • F: 323.660.2070
Audio Network
Audio Network
Our music is created with you in mind. Whether you’re producing a TV series, advertisement, corporate video or film, connect with Audio Network to find the perfect soundtrack for any project! Created by authentic musicians and cleared for worldwide use across multiple platforms,we make licensing simple without compromising quality.
P: 646.688.4320
Killer Tracks

The Vault
The Vault by Stephen Arnold Music is a deep catalog of custom produced and curated music.Every track has the highest production value and was either an artist’s original creation,painstakingly written and recorded for commercial release, or custom-quality music designed for a major broadcast or cable network, client or ad agency.
P: 214.726.1600
The Hit Housewww.thehithouse.com
VanacoreMusicLogo_blkWe’re the masterminds behind some of the most listened-to music in unscripted programming. 20 years of collaborative experience with Hollywood’s TV producers has allowed us to craft our own style of music for hundreds of shows that include Undercover Boss,Survivor, Catfish,and many more. With our award-winning custom music, music supervision and music library we continue to create the perfect sound for your great story.
P: 661.295.1123
Vanacore Music
Warner Chappell

Warner/Chappell Production Music
Warner/Chappell Production Music is an exciting company uniting successful independent Production Music houses Non-Stop Music, 615 Music, Groove Addicts, V – The Production Library and many more. Library, Custom and News Music, all at www.warnerchappellpm.com.
P: 888.615.8729 • F: 615.242.2455
Warner/Chappell Production Music



Company Phone Email
5 ALARM MUSIC 626-304-1698 info@5alarmmusic.com
5TH FLOOR RECORDING CO 414-276-1919 ray@5thfloorrecording.com
7-OUT-MUSIC 323-650-0767 mark@7outmusic.com
AARON/STOKES MUSIC + SOUND 612-373-2220 info@aaronstokes.com
ABSOLUTE MUSIC 612-339-6758 absolute@absolutemusicinc.com
AIRCAST CUSTOM MUSIC 818-255-7100 info@megatrax.com
AIRCRAFT MUSIC LIBRARY 800-343-2514 info@aircraftmusiclibrary.com
AMBER MUSIC 718-797-0120 info@ambermusic.com
AMERICAN MUSIC COMPANY INC 516-764-1466 info@americanmusicco.com
AMPHIBIOUS ZOO MUSIC 323-468-1035 tim@amphibiouszoo.com
ANOTHER COUNTRY 312-706-5800 tim.konn@anothercountry.net
APM MUSIC 323-461-3211, 212-856-9800 info@apmmusic.com
ARU INC 312-527-7000 contact@aruchicago.com
ASCHE & SPENCER 612-338-0032, 310-396-2344 info@ascheandspencer.com
AUDACITY RECORDING 954-920-4418 linda@audacityrecording.com
AUDIO ENGINE-NY 212-473-2700 info@audioengine.net
AUDIO ENGINE-WEST 602-250-8605 info-west@audioengine.net
AUDIO LAB SOUND RECORDINGS 208-344-9551 steve@audiolab.org
AUDIO NETWORK US, INC 646-688-4320 nyoffice@audionetwork.com
AUDIO SUITE – CREATIVE SOUND SERVICES 480-598-2999 info@audiosuitestudios.com
AUDIOIMAGE RECORDING 804-644-7700 info@audioimagerecording.com
AUDISEE 206-283-4733 info@audisee.com
AUSTIN SOUNDMINE 512-423-3680 info@soundmine.com
AZ LOS ANGELES 310-581-8081 alonso@azlosangeles.com
BAD ANIMALS 206-443-1500 info@badanimals.com
BAKER SOUND STUDIOS 215-567-0400 info@bakersound.com
BAM STUDIO 312-255-8862 info@bamstudio.com
BARCLASION MUSIC 813-689-6066 rick@barclasionmusic.com
BEACON STREET STUDIOS 310-392-9535 adrea@beaconstreetstudios.com
BEAR CREEK STUDIO 425-481-4100 bearcreek@seanet.com
BIG IDEA MUSIC 206-352-2900 michael@bigideamusic.com
BIG SCORE MUSIC 800-864-1467 info@bigscoremusic.com
BIG U MUSIC.SOUND DESIGN 602-253-2448 info@bigumusic.com
BLACK TOAST MUSIC 818-882-9060 bob@blacktoastmusic.com
BOUTWELL STUDIOS 205-870-1180 greg@boutwellstudios.com
BROCK MUSIC INC 615-298-2200 info@brockmusic.com
BWN 612-252-3990, 323-466-3122 info@bwn-music.com
CAKEMIX RECORDING 972-818-1649 record@cakemixrecording.com
CATAMOUNT RECORDING INC 319-235-6517 catamount@cfu.net
CHAPMAN RECORDING STUDIO 913-894-6854 chuck@chapmanrecording.com
CHARLES ELLER STUDIOS 802-870-3436 chas@charlesellerstudios.com
CHICAGO RECORDING CO 312-822-9333 chris@chicagorecording.com
CINETRAX 323-874-9590 info@cinetrax.com
CLATTER & DIN 206-464-0520 tickle@clatterdin.com
CLEAN CUTS MUSIC 202-237-8884 paul@cleancuts.com
COLORADO SOUND RECORDING STUDIO 303-430-8811 colosnd@coloradosound.com
CONCENTRIX MUSIC & SOUND DESIGN 704-372-3448 info@concentrixmusic.com
COUPE STUDIOS MUSIC 303-447-0551 esinger@coupestudios.com
CREATIVE SOUND CONCEPTS 404-873-6628 info@creativesoundconcepts.com
CSS MUSIC 800-468-6874 info@cssmusic.com
CURTIS BRYANT MUSIC 770-964-3063 curtis@curtisbryantmusic.com
DAVENPORT MUSIC LIBRARY 866-698-7983 info@davenportmusic.com
DAVID BERNSTEIN MUSIC 503-396-5294 db@davidbernsteinmusic.com
DEAF MULE 214-849-5505 info@deafmule.com
DERRYBERRY AUDIO INC 303-456-8216 info@derryberryaudio.com
DEWOLFE MUSIC LIBRARY 212-382-0220 info@dewolfemusic.com
DIGITAL ASSASSIN MUSIC 951-244-1278 info@digitalassasinmusic.com
DIGITAL DOMAIN OF AUSTIN 512-328-9058 kelly@digdom.com
DIGITAL ONE 503-228-3441 info@digone.com
DL MUSIC 323-878-0400 derek@dl-music.com
DOPPLER STUDIOS 404-873-6941 info@dopplerstudios.com
DREAMSCAPE MUSIC 310-857-8599 len@dreamscapemusic.com
DRM: SIR REEL SOUND 214-752-5000 sirreelsound@icloud.com
EARHOLE 312-527-1775 adam@earholestudios.com
ECHO BOYS 612-338-7947 info@echoboys.com
ELIAS ARTS 212-807-6500 mphenix@eliasarts.com
ELIAS ARTS 310-581-6500 ahaugen@eliasarts.com
EMOTO MUSIC 310-399-6900 la@emotomusic.com
EMOTO MUSIC 312-640-1878 chicago@emotomusic.com
ENDLESS NOISE 310-694-8251 marycatherine@endlessnoise.com
EXTREME PRODUCTION MUSIC 310-395-0408 la@extrememusic.com
FIRSTCOM MUSIC 800-858-8880 info@firstcom.com
FRESH MUSIC LIBRARY 413-786-1450 bob@freshmusic.com
GAMEBEAT STUDIOS 708-283-8860 info@gamebeatstudios.com
GE MUSIC 212-673-9274 info@gemusic.com
GLENN SOUND 206-583-8112 info@glennsound.com
GMP MUSIC 800-955-0619 info@gmpmusic.com
GROOVEWORX CUSTOM MUSIC 310-260-2626 dain@grooveworx.com
HANDSOME BROTHERS MUSIC 617-666-1200 douglas@handsomebrothers.com
HEST & KRAMER VAN HOUSE & WEBER 612-418-8830 bob@hestkramer.com
HI FI PROJECT-LA 310-319-1100 info@hifiproject.com
HI-FI PROJECT-NY 212-784-6210 birgit@hifiproject.com
HI-FI PROJECT-Minn. 612-520-1660 birgit@hifiproject.com
HORRIBLE MUSIC 310-260-9939 judh@horriblemusic.net
HUM MUSIC AND SOUND 310-260-4949 dl@humit.com
HUMMINGBIRD PRODUCTIONS 615-385-3729 info@hummingbirdproductions.com
HUNTER GIBSON MUSIC INC 601-853-1778 huntergibson1@comcast.net
I DIG MUSIC 312-735-2894 ron@idigmusic.com
ID MUSIC 312-587-0133 john@idmusicchicago.com
iV 615-320-1444 more@ivgroup.cc
JAMES NEEL MUSIC HOUSE 214-649-6052 james@jamesneelmusichouse.com
JAMIE DEFRATES MUSIC 904-399-2929 jamiedefrates@gmail.com
JDK MUSIC PRODUCTION 804-272-6777 info@jdkmusic.com
JECO MUSIC 310-315-3626, 212-768-8501 gus@jecomusic.com
JRT MUSIC 888-578-6874 cat@jrtmusic.com
JSM 212-627-2200 hello@jsmmusic.com
KALEIDOSOUND 925-283-9901 forrest@k-sound.com
KILLER TRACKS 310-865-4455 info@killertracks.com
LION & FOX RECORDING 301-982-4431 mail@lionfox.com
LOS ANGELES POST MUSIC INC 310.896.5176 info@lapostmusic.com
LUMINOUS SOUND STUDIOS 972-331-7040 info@luminoussound.com
MANCHESTER MUSIC LIBRARY 413-369-4331 information@manchestermusic.com
MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC 212-333-5766 info@mpmmusic.com
MARSHALL SOUND DESIGN 972-484-1535 johnny@marshallsounddesign.com
MAYFAIR WORKSHOP 773-426-3073 mark@mayfairrecordings.com
MEGATRAX PRODUCTION MUSIC 888-634-2555 info@megatrax.com
MENTEN MUSIC INC 612-940-6177 info@mentenmusic.com
MENZA MUSIC 214-574-6874 info@menzamusic.com
MIDCOAST MUSIC 414-791-0163 info@miscoast-music.com
MIXOLOGY POST 212-229-2279 philm@pgmartists.com
MODERN MUSIC 612-332-6299 dorene@fischeredit.com
MUSIC 2 HUES 860-745-1312 info@music2hues.com
MUSIC A LA CARTE 305-854-1810 info@musicalacarte.com
MUSICBOX 866-269-0900 steven_karpowicz@olemusicbox.com
MUSIKVERGNUEGEN 323-856-5900 info@musikv.com
NARRATOR TRACKS 800-448-6467 info@ntracks.com
NEW PANTS MUSIC 719 632-0227 rac@crlr.net
NIGHTINGALE MUSIC PRODUCTIONS 416-221-2393 admin@nightingalemusic.com
NUANCE MUSIC 512-468-4362 bmsatter@nuancemusic.com
OGM PRODUCTION MUSIC 323-461-2701 ogmmusic@gmail.com
OMNIMUSIC 800-828-6664 omni@omnimusic.com
OPUS1 MUSIC LIBRARY 818-508-2040 rodney@o1music.com
OUTPOST AUDIO INC 305-250-9988 info@outpostaudio.com
OZONE MUSIC 248-298-2858 ozone@ozonesound.com
PBTM ROYALTY FREE MUSIC 541-345-8117 support@pbtm.com
PERSONAL MUSIC INC 305-854-7014 info@personalmusic.com
POINT CLASSICS LLC 866-368-9603 tanvi@pointclassics.com
PRODUCER’S TOOLBOX 212-673-2773 eb@flavorlab.com
PRODUCTION GARDEN MUSIC 210-530-5200 info@productiongarden.com
PROMIDI INTÕL CORP 305-956-9116 info@promidi.biz
RCB MUSIC LIBRARY 813-689-6066 rick@rcbmusiclibrary.com
RED COLA MUSIC AND SOUND DESIGN 323-460-6470 hello@redcola.com
REN MUSIC, INC. 908-925-1908 joe@renmediapublishing.com
RIOT MUSIC 305-332-1338 steve@riotmusic.com
RIPE SOUND 415-748-3059 andy1@ripesound.com
RIPTIDE MUSIC 310-437-4380 contact@riptidemusic.com
RON ROSE MILAGRO 248-424-8400 info@rr-mp.com
ROYALTY FREE MUSIC 855-554-1264 info@royaltyfreemusic.com
SCIENCE FRICTION 856-810-1448 info@scifrimusic.com
SCM PRODUCTIONS 303-422-6333 scm@scmpro.com
SCOOTMAN MUSIC PRODUCTIONS 615-319-9556 scootmanmusic@bellsouth.net
SHORELINE STUDIOS 310-394-4932 info@shorelinestudios.com
SIGNATURE MUSIC LIBRARY 219-921-0205 info@sigmusic.com
SINGING SERPENT 619-235-6040, 310-882-5439 music@singingserpent.com
SINGING SERPENT 212-486-9816 dennis@singingserpent.com
SINGLETON PRODUCTIONS 972-226-7118 bobs@singletonproductions.com
SMARTSOUND SOFTWARE INC 800-454-1900 info@smartsound.com
SONG STREET RECORDS 615-244-6515 support@songstreetrecords.com
SONIXPHERE 312-329-1310 ken.kolasny@sonixpher.com
SOPERSOUND MUSIC LIBRARY 800-227-9980 sopersound@aol.com
SOUND IMAGES 513-241-7475 charlie@soundimages.com
SOUND LOUNGE 212-388-1212 kathyg@soundlounge.com
SOUNDDOGS.com 877-315-3647 customersupport@sounddogs.com
SOUNDMINE 818-767-4226 patrickm@soundmine.com
SOUNDS BIG PRODUCTIONS 212-920-4639 andrew@soundsbigproductions.com
SOUNDSCAPES 501-661-1765 brent@soundscapes.com
SOUNDVIEW RECORDING 877-295-6435 dave@soundview-recording.com
SPEAK HOUSE AUDIO 602-279-0900 susan@speakhouseaudio.com
STARTRACKER RECORDING STUDIO INC 402-466-7623 bholihan@startrackerstudios.com
STEPHEN ARNOLD MUSIC 214-726-1600 sales@stephenarnoldmusic.com
STEVE FORD MUSIC 888-828-0556 sf@stevefordmusic.com
STUDIO BARD LLC 503-273-2273 audiospa@studiobard.com
SZABO SOUND & MUSIC 713-956-7451 scott@szabosoundandmusic.com
TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD 512-499-8655 info@tequilamockingbird.com
THE AUDIO SUITE-CREATIVE SOUND SERVICES 480-598-2999 steve@audiosuitestudios.com
THE HIT HOUSE 310-378-8633 music@thehithouse.com
THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE 323-603-3252 info@hollywoodedge.com
THE LISTENING CHAIR 214-748-8846 brian@listeningchair.com
THE LODGE 310-581-8363 musicproduciton@thelodge.com
THE MUSIC BAKERY 800-229-0313 helpnow@musicbakery.com
THE MUSIC FACTORY 404-688-1667 brian@themusicfactory.com
THE MUSIC KITCHEN 661-338-4749 michael@themusickitchen.com
THE PROCESS RECORDING STUDIOS 336-855-1941 office@theprocess.com
THE SOUND ADVISOR 203-373-1847 dennis@thesoundadvisor.com
TIM CISSELL MUSIC 214-499-2375, 303-955-4436 tcissell@wt.net
TONAL 212-255-4369 michelleb@tonalsound.com
TRAILBLAZER STUDIOS 919-645-6600 eric@trailblazerstudios.com
TRF PRODUCTION MUSIC LIBRARIES 201-335-0005 info@trfmusic.com
TRIVERS MYERS MUSIC 310-862-9340 liz@triversmyersmusic.com
TUNEDGE MUSIC 818-933-2050 rw@tunedge.com
TWISTEDTRACKS.com 773-856-6586 info@twistedtracks.com
UNIQUE TRACKS 718-965-2318 info@uniquetracks.com
VALENTINE PRO 720-898-9171 laurie@valentinepro.com
VALENTINO 800-223-6278 info@tvmusic.com
VANACORE MUSIC 661-295-1123 areli@vanacoremusic.com
VIDEOHELPER 212-633-7009 info@videohelper.com
WALTER BRYANT MUSIC 816-741-3750 walter@walterbryantmusic.com
YESSIAN MUSIC 248-553-4044 info@yessianmusic.com
WARNER/CHAPPELL PRODUCTION MUSIC 888-615-8729 jennifer.stowe@warnerchappellpm.com