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Stock Footage Guide

abcplay aerial-hd-stock crew-west
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Company Phone Email
A LUNA BLUE 323-871-8919 info@alunablue.com
ABCNEWS VIDEOSOURCE 212-456-5421 abcvideosource@abc.com
ABCNEWS VideoSource is the footage licensing division for ABCNEWS. We feature most categories of video content including: current events, politics, business, crime, entertainment, sports, disasters etc. In addition to our user friendly website that features thousands of assets, our research and sales staff are ready to help you tell your story. The VideoSource collection spans from 1896 to the present.
ACTION FOOTAGE/WARREN MILLER 303-253-6300 stockfootage@warrenmiller.com
ACTION SPORTS/SCOTT DITTRICH 310-459-2526 info@actionsportsstockfootage.com
ADVENTURE PICTURES 415-431-1122 adpix@adpix.com
AERIAL HD STOCK LLC/CAMERA COPTERS 888-463-7953 cassidy@cassidyinc.com
The Aerial HD Stock LLC collection, shot by cinematographer Steve Cassidy and co-produced with Camera Copters owner/pilot Paul Barth, features a diverse mix of day and night cityscapes, scenic beauty, industrial, energy production, urban, agriculture, and more from locations all across the USA and Caribbean. Shot with the Cineflex aerial system in 1080 24P, new material is constantly being added. Aerial HD Stock LLC footage is represented exclusively worldwide by Getty Images.
AIR SEA LAND PRODUCTIONS 718-626-2646 asl@airsealand.com
AIRBOSS STOCK FOOTAGE 502-581-8160 jjdrkn@yahoo.com
ALASKA VIDEO POSTCARDS 907-349-8002 stock@akvideo.com
ALL-STOCK/ACTION SPORTS 310-317-9996 info@all-stock.com
AM STOCK-CAMEO FILM LIBRARY 310-479-4800 researcher@amstockcameo.com
AMERICA BY AIR STOCK FOOTAGE 800-488-6359 footage@americabyair.com
AMERICAN TIME LAPSE INC 224-628-2410 sales@timelapse.com
APEX STOCK 323-443-2580 info@apexstock.com
ARTBEATS 541-863-4429 info@artbeats.com
ASSOCIATED PRESS 212-621-1500 info@ap.org
ASSOCIATED TELEVISION INTL 323-556-5600 info@ati.la
ATLANTA VIDEO 404-523-9660 bill@atlantavideo.com
ATOMIC IMAGING / GOLAN PRODUCTIONS 312-649-1800 candice@golan.tv
BBC MOTION GALLERY 866-235-5358 bbc.sales@t3media.com
BENNETT WATT HD PRODUCTIONS 800-327-2893 stockfootage@bennett-watt.com
BEST SHOT STOCK FOOTAGE 813-877-2118 request@bestshotfootage.com
BLACK FILM CENTER/ARCHIVE 812-855-6041 bfca@indiana.edu
BLACKLIGHT FILMS 323-436-7070 smiller@blacklightfilms.com
BLACKSTONE STOCK FOOTAGE 615-731-5310 g.clifford@worldnet.att.net
BLUE SKY FOOTAGE 310-305-8384 sales@blueskyfootage.com
BOEING COMPANY 206-662-6628 imagelicensing@boeing.com
BRIDGER PRODUCTIONS INC 307-733-7871 info@bridgerproductions.com
BUDGET FILMS STOCK FOOTAGE 323-660-0187 filmclip@aol.com
CAMERA COPTERS/AERIAL HD STOCK LLC 888-463-7953 cassidy@cassidyinc.com
The Aerial HD Stock LLC collection, shot by cinematographer Steve Cassidy and co-produced with Camera Copters owner/pilot Paul Barth, features a diverse mix of day and night cityscapes, scenic beauty, industrial, energy production, urban, agriculture, and more from locations all across the USA and Caribbean. Shot with the Cineflex aerial system in 1080 24P, new material is constantly being added. Aerial HD Stock LLC footage is represented exclusively worldwide by Getty Images.
CAMERA ONE 206-523-3456 cameraone@prodigy.net
CARTER PRODUCTIONS 303-499-9430 rcfilmvideo@earthlink.net
CELEBRITY FOOTAGE 310-360-9600 info@celebrityfootage.com
CHICAGO VIDEOGRAPHER/NED MILLER 847-816-9020 ned@nedmiller.com
CLASSIC IMAGES 310-277-0400 sales@classicimg.com
CLASSIC WORLDWIDE 440-838-5377 info@classicworldwide.com
CNN IMAGESOURCE 404-827-3326 cnn.imagesource@turner.com
COMPASS LIGHT INC 207-236-2078 info@compasslight.com
CONUS ARCHIVE 651-642-4576 cbridson@conus.com
CORBIS MOTION 866-473-5264 sales@corbis.com
CREATIVE ARTS TELEVISION 860-868-1771 catarchive@aol.com
CREW WEST — STOCK VIDEO VAULT 888-444-2739 sales@stockvideovault.com
Stock Video Vault offers the highest quality 1080-HD, 2K, 3K, to 4K video and photography. Our contributors are the finest the world has to offer and we pay them a higher percentage than other stock footage sites. We provide the best in real-time video and time-lapse of natural landscapes and urban settings, and our underwater footage is exceptional. Rights managed.
CUSTOM MEDICAL STOCK PHOTO 800-373-2677 sales@cmsp.com
DAKOTALAPSE 262-443-0352 dakotalapse@gmail.com
DIGITAL HOTCAKES 318-603-0236 info@digitalhotcakes.com
DIGITAL JUICE INC 800-525-2203 customerservice@digitaljuice.com
DOCUMENTARY ED RESOURCES 617-926-0491 docued@der.org
DOLLARHIDE FILM INC 601-853-4252 jim@dollarhide.net
DOUBLETIME PRODUCTIONS 516-869-1170 infodoubletime@optonline.net
DVARCHIVE.COM 800-666-8904 info@dvarchive.com
ECHO FILM PRODUCTIONS 208-336-0349 echofilm@mindspring.com
EEF PRODUCTIONS 970-479-6333 hayden@eefhd.com
EFOOTAGE LLC 626-395-9593 info@efootage.com
ELITE VIDEO 501-321-0440 support@elitevideo.com
ENCOUNTER VIDEO 503-285-8974 dburkhart@encountervideo.com
ESPN FOOTAGE LICENSING 212-515-1252 footage@espn.com
F.I.L.M. ARCHIVES INC 212-696-2616 info@filmarchivesonline.com
FISH FILMS FOOTAGE WORLD 818-905-1071 footageworld@aol.com
FLIXDISC LTD 800-708-1584 flixdisc@aol.com
FLORIDA FILM & TAPE 407-297-0091 brad@ffandt.com
FOOTAGE BAKERY 800-773-2753 support@footagebakery.com
FOOTAGE.NET 732-385-1122 info@footage.net
FOOTAGEBANK HD 310-822-1400 info@footagebank.com
Premium rights-released clips specially selected fromcontent producers around the world. Specialties includelocations, team sports, aerials, playback, and more. Freeclip bins, great service, and competitive pricing.
FOOTAGELAND 800-442-0550 footageland@aol.com
FRAMEPOOL 800-331-1314 americas@framepool.com
FREEWHEELIN FILMS 970-925-2640 kayla@fwf.com
GETTY IMAGES 800-462-4379 motionrequests@gettyimages.com
GLOBAL IMAGEWORKS LLC 201-384-7715 info@globalimageworks.com
GOAL PRODUCTIONS 626-584-9515 info@goalproductions.com
GOLIATH MEDIA 617-306-6106 info@goliathmedia.com
GOTFOOTAGE.COM 702-257-8822 support@gotfootage.com
GREAT PLAINS MOTION PIC CO 402-339-1001 rod@thegreatplains.com
GREG HENSLEY PRODUCTION 970-984-3158 hensley@sopris.net
HAWAIISTOCKVIDEO.COM 808-329-1655 farishmedia@hawaii.rr.com
HBO ARCHIVES 877-426-1121 footage@hboarchives.com
HBO Archives collections include: Sports – exclusive sports imagery and top athletes. Contemporary – stock shots from HBO Films. Archival – anchored by The March of Time documentary series. Wildlife – wildlife and scenics from exotic locations around the world. Entertainment News – exclusive behind-the-scenes and other footage covering music, comedy, television and film celebrities. Our website features high-speed video and text searches and offers low-res video downloads. We also provide free research.
HIGH PLAINS FILMS 406-728-0753 yak@highplainsfilms.org
HISTORIC FILMS 800-249-1940 info@historicfilms.com
HOLLYWOOD NEWSREEL 323-833-5920 rickspalla@yahoo.com
HOTSTOCKFOOTAGE.COM 303-721-6121 john@jsptv.com
INTERNATIONAL HISTORIC FILMS 773-927-9091 info@historicfootage.com
INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL FILMS 213-841-6335 inttrvfilms@aol.com
IRON ORCHID FILMS 808-955-1000 filmhawaii@aol.com
ISLAND CENTURY MEDIA 888-373-4539 info@icm4hd.com
K&K MEDIA 281-495-3691 kurt@kkmedia-tv.com
KBC PRODUCTIONS 208-344-1948 kris@kbcconnect.com
KESSER IMAGE LIBRARY 305-909-1637 kesserimagelibrary@gmail.com
LAST FRONTIER FOOTAGE 541-326-1496 info@lastfrontierfootage.com
LEN AITKEN PRODUCTIONS 720-565-1313 brookaitken@comcast.net
LEONARD RUE VIDEO PRODS 908-362-6616 sales@ruevideo.com
LONE PEAK PRODUCTIONS 801-521-5567 info@lonepeakproductions.com
LONE WOLF DOCUMENTARY GROUP 207-799-9500 info@lonewolfdg.com
LOUIS WOLFSON II ARCHIVE 305-375-1505 info@wolfsonarchive.org
MAMMOTH HD INC 303-670-7973 info@mammothhd.com
MEDIA BAKERY 805-682-9325 info@mediabakery.com
MIAMI NEWS NET 305-285-0044 mnn@bellsouth.net
MICHAEL GRABER PRODUCTIONS 949-489-9330 info@graberproductions.com
MICHAEL MAY MEDIA SERVICES 808-739-0032 mmmay@me.com
MOVIECRAFT INC 708-460-9082 stock@moviecraft.com
MYSTIC SEAPORT 860-572-5379 suki.williams@mysticseaport.org
NATIONAL GEO CREATIVE 877-730-2022 ngdigitalmotion@ngs.org
NAUTILUS PRODUCTIONS LLC 910-624-7488 nautilusvideo@earthlink.net
NBCUNIVERSAL ARCHIVES 212-664-5015 footage@nbcuni.com
NEW & UNIQUE VIDEOS 619-644-3000 footage@newuniquevideos.com
NEWYORKSHOTS.COM 520-298-4810 dfrench@newyorkshots.com
NH MOVIES 603-463-5900 info@nhmovies.com
NORBERT WU PRODUCTIONS 831-375-4448 office@norbertwu.com
NORMAN KENT PRODUCTIONS 386-446-0505 info@normankent.com
NORTHEAST HISTORIC FILM 207-469-0924 nhf@oldfilm.org
OCEANFOOTAGE.COM 866-375-2313 support@footagesearch.com
ODDBALL FILM + VIDEO 415-558-8112 info@oddballfilm.com
OMEGA MEDIA GROUP INC 770-449-8870 clientservices@omegamediagroup.com
OMNI PRODUCTIONS 435-259-8444 omni@moabvideo.com
PAL PRODUCTIONS INC 206-361-9366 lazpal@aol.com
PENN STATE MEDIA SALES 800-770-2111 mediasales@psu.edu
PERCEPTIONS INC 802-425-2783 perceptivt@aol.com
PRAIRIE PICTURES INC 817-276-9500 info@prairiepictures.com
PRODUCERS LIBRARY 818-752-9097 research@producerslibrary.com
PUBLICDOMAINFOOTAGE.COM 301-471-8058 info@publicdomainfootage.com
REDA ARCHIVES, LLC 610-258-2957 research@louredaproductions.com
REELIN IN THE YEARS PRODUCTIONS 619-281-6725 dpeck@reelininthe years.com
ROBERT BERNING PRODUCTIONS 504-834-8811 rberning@berning.com
ROYALTY FREE HD 781-449-6282 info@royaltyfreehd.com
ROYALTYFREESTORE 503-521-9004 info@royaltyfreestore.com
SAVAFILM 307-739-2256 sava@savafilm.com
SEVERE WEATHER 305-394-6000 mike@ultimatechase.com
SHUTTERSTOCK INC 866-663-3954 support@shutterstock.com
SOURCE STOCK FOOTAGE 520-290-4810 requests@sourcefootage.com
SOUTHEAST STOCKFOOTAGE 404-685-2806 contact@southeaststockfootage.com
SPORTS CINEMATOGRAPHY GROUP 212-744-5333 sportscinema@earthlink.net
STILL HOPE PRODUCTIONS INC 360-598-4152 info@stillhopeproductions.com
STOCK VIDEO 978-449-0065 stockvideo@aol.com
STOCK VIDEO VAULT 888-444-2739 info@stockvv.com
STORM VIDEO 262-443-0352 stormvideo@gmail.com
STORMSTOCK 817-276-9500 info@stormstock.com
STREAMLINE STOCK FOOTAGE 212-925-2547 decroix@streamlinefilms.com
STREAMWERX 704-421-3595 aerials@streamwerx.com
STUDIO 1 PRODUCTIONS INC 386-788-6075 studio1@studio1productions.com
SUPER STOCK 800-828-4545 yourfriends@superstock.com
TETON GRAVITY RESEARCH 307-734-8192 stock@tetongravity.com
THE FILM GATE LLC 646-897-1227 thefilmgate@aol.com
THE FOOTAGE FIRM 866-777-9354 info@footagefirm.com
THE FOOTAGE STORE 818-556-6080 info@footagestore.com
THIRD MILLENNIUM FILMS 212-675-8500 thirdmillennium@earthlink.net
T3 MEDIA 866-815-6599 sales@t3media.com
TIMESTEPS PRODUCTIONS INC 973-669-1930 info@timesteps.com
TRAILWOOD FILMS 806-224-5868 dale@trailwoodfilms.comt
TROPICAL VISIONS VIDEO INC 808-935-5557 redhotlava@hawaii.rr.com
UCLA FILM & TV ARCHIVE 323-466-8559 footage@ucla.edu
UNIVERSAL STUDIOS FILM LIBRARY 818-777-1273 roni.lubliner@unistudios.com
VENTURE MEDIA 803-547-3878 jim@venturemedia.tv
VIDEOBLOCKS.COM 323-656-4330 vtl@videotapelibrary.com
VIDEOHELPER  212-633-7009 info@videohelper.com
Production music for people who hate production music.
VOLCANO VIDEO PRODUCTIONS 808-959-3885 lava@volcanovideo.com
WEATHERSTOCK AGENCY 520-751-9964 super@graceful.com
WGBH STOCK SALES 617-300-3939 stock_sales@wgbh.org
WIDE AWAKE FILMS 816-872-3456 info@wideawakefilms.com
WILDERNESS VIDEO 541-488-9363 bob@wildernessvideo.com
WILDVISIONS INC 623-516-1975 mike@wildvisions.net
WPA FILM LIBRARY 800-777-2223 sales@wpafilmlibrary.com
WPA supplies high-quality footage on topics as diverse as history, pop culture, politics, celebrities, landmarks, home movies, Americana and more. Highlights include the entire British Pathe Newsreel Library, WETA’s coverage of political events, over 6,500 exclusive rock ‘n roll, soul and classic country music performances a growing HD collection and historic auto racing. WPA offers FREE expert research and free screeners, competitive pricing and a fully searchable online database with more than 30,000 viewable clips.
WRIGHTWOOD.COM 702-257-8822 info@wrightwood.com
WTTW PBS STOCK FOOTAGE 773-509-5410 digitalarchives@wttw.com