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The Hit House Introduces ‘Spheres’ — Music to Clear Your Chakras

Spheres artworkMusic production company The Hit House has released a new series entitled Spheres. The album represents a new sound and a new soul from The Hit House, says Executive Producer Sally House.

“Like the power of crystals, music has the power to move us in truly mysterious ways,” she says. “It grabs us. It lifts us high. It pulls us back down. It tears at our hearts and wrenches at our souls. Music can move us profoundly, passionately and deeply in any direction it wishes. The music we are now offering with Spheres presents soaring sound-scapes, dramatic themes, stirring intensity and elevating melodies, all within an epic scale.”

For more information about the new release, please see: www.thehithouse.com/spheres

About The Hit House:
The Hit House is a custom music and sound design company in Los Angeles that specializes in trailer and commercial music. Its recent work has been used in national and global television campaigns for clients such as Netflix, Target, Lexus, Jell-O, Porsche, and The Ritz Carlton, and in motion picture campaigns for films including Godzilla, Frozen, Monuments Men, Million Dollar Arm, Thor: The Dark World, Despicable Me 2, Anchorman 2, Iron Man 3, Turbo and Bully.

October 2, 2014