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January/February 2012January/February 2012

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The January/February issue features articles on ASC award winners Dante Spinotti and William Wages; the amazing visual effects from War Horse; the fast-paced world of contemporary production music; and a Spotlight on Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

2012 ASC Lifetime Achievement Award Winner: Dante Spinotti

Dante SpinottiWhen Dante Spinotti, ASC was awarded the 2012 ASC Lifetime Achievement Award it celebrated a career in cinematography that began when a boy discovered “something magical” about capturing images with light.

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2012 ASC Career in Television Award Winner: William Wages

William Wages, ASCWilliam Wages, ASC, recipient of the 2012 ASC Career Achievement in Television Award, still works from a home base in Atlanta, having ignored the advice he constantly got to move to LA if he wanted his career to advance.

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War Horse

In a shot starring the real horse, Framestore cleaned up the dramatic sky.Based on Michael Morpurgo’s 1982 novel and the very successful play that followed, War Horse tells the story of Joey, a horse born in Devon (Southwestern England) shortly before the outbreak of World War I. London-based Framestore, an Academy Award-winning VFX studio, was the film’s sole provider of digital visual effects, delivering more than 200 shots to director Steven Spielberg. The shots ranged from removing anachronisms and extending and augmenting sets to creating several exciting sequences with Joey.

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The Songs Remain, But They’re Not All the Same

musicHere’s a question for music lovers: Are you buying as many CDs as you used to? Chances are that you’re not. After all, you probably don’t read the liner notes very intently and it’s so easy to do a quick download from the Internet.

If that’s true of the public’s general approach to acquiring music, just think about how that trend is reshaping the world of production music, with the constant advertising deadlines and other requirements that make time a crucial consideration – just like the need for fresh sounds, which more and more often mean original tunes from indie bands.

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Spotlight: The South Part II

Jennifer Lawrence stars in The Hunger Games, a futuristic, sci-fi thriller set for a March release.  Photo: Lions Gate/Murray Close.There is so much happening in the beautiful South that this location feature from the Nov/Dec issue of Markee deserves a sequel. As previously stated, this region is thriving with hundreds of productions each year as states continually look for ways to attract filmmakers and TV productions. Each state is proving quite successful at their endeavors. For this issue, we spoke with the state film offices in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee to learn about their incentive packages and to get a sense for what it’s like to shoot in their states.

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From The Editor: Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

2012 looks to be a banner year for filmmakers and moviegoers alike. There appears to be a great number of potential blockbusters on the calendar, which may help to alleviate headaches among studio executives who view 2011 as a not-so-banner year for box office successes (the rampaging Harry Potter and Mission Impossible sequels notwithstanding).

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Making Commercials: Man Chases Pig

Director Matt Pittroff of Twist Films, New York City and Minneapolis, and Senior Editor Anthony Marinelli of ShootersNYC combined forces to create a public service announcement (PSA) promoting financial literacy for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Advertising Council.

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Making TV: Fun With Cars, Bombs And Spies

 Have you ever seen a car driven off of the top floor of a parking garage and crash into a store across the street? In one episode of Burn Notice, Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), the “burned” or discredited spy of the show’s title, sends a red convertible over the edge to distract some bad guys. The ploy works, but sends the usually easy-going Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), a retired Navy SEAL, into a dither because the car belonged not to Westen but to Axe’s girlfriend.

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Inside View: Giovanni Bucci

“I’m half-Italian and half-Dutch. I started working in Italy, then I went to London and LA, and I’m actually spending more time in LA these days. Usually I’m directing and putting everything together for a project – a lot of times I’m doing the editing and motion graphics."

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