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JMR Electronics Shows BlueStor at NAB

By Monica Burres

The storage solution company, JMR Electronics, featured its JMR BlueStor Networked Storage System at the 2014 NAB Show. Production and post-production companies that need high-load shared storage solutions to be maintained through Ethernet or Fibre based means are the ideal users of the BlueStor Networked Storage Server.

The company’s new storage system is available in 16, 32, 48 and 64 terabyte data capacities. No cables are used in the JMR BlueStor storage system, which reduces airflow restrictions for users. The way the system is mounted maintains disk drives in a vertical position to reduce vibration and enable signal integrity.

The new BlueStor storage system provides real-time disk activity updates, enabling users to be aware of failures and issues, as well as interface controls including on/off and reset options. Ideal for both IT professionals and A/V professionals, there is an option to replicate storage to a variety of servers and take snapshots to reiterate live data.

This new storage server fills the need of a high-end enterprise system as well as lower-end SMB systems, combining affordability with reliability, JMR says.

July 14, 2014