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Larson Electronics Introduces Three-Stage 25-Foot Telescoping Light Mast

By Monica Burres

Larson Electronics announces its 25-foot telescoping light mast equipped with four, 150-watt LED light fixtures. The LM-25-3S-4X150RT-RB is a fold-over light mast that produces 48,000 lumens of light capable of illuminating 2.5 acres of work space.

It features a rotating boom that allows for 360° of rotation, a removable mast head with four, 150 watt LED light fixtures, and an easy fold-over assembly. This three-stage light boom can be extended to a height of 25 feet for effective coverage and collapsed to 12 feet. The mast is elevated from its folding position with a 1,000-pound hand winch that is fitted with 3/16” cable. A second 1,000 pound winch provides the 12- to 25-foot elevation of the mast. The rotation is provided by a single T-Handle.

The LED fixtures produce a combined 48,000 lumens at only 600 watts. Each fixture produces 12,000 lumens of high intensity light while drawing only 150 watts @ 1.25 amps from a 120-volt electrical system. The light tower weighs approximately 300 pounds and can easily support and lift 150 pounds of fixtures.

July 14, 2014