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Manhattan Production Music Breaks New Sonic Barriers

Manhattan Production Music is premiering new features on its website, including the Sonic Search waveform and metadata analyzer, where the company is demonstrating a new way to create playlists for songs that are similar to temp track songs.

Sonic Search is a technology that will “radically reshape the way music is searched and discovered,” Manhattan Production Music says. Developed by Manhattan’s website partner Source Audio, this feature allows users to upload any audio file and return results that are musically similar to the song the user has uploaded.

By analyzing the signal a musical piece generates, it is able to find similar signals and when combined with metadata refinement, the results are absolutely astounding and are evident in the diversity of some of the company’s recent placements including; the new Paramount film G.I. Joe: Retaliation, the closing theme song for HBO’s Phil Spector movie, a CBS Image Campaign, and several viral videos for Sears Craftsman.

Manhattan Production Music will be giving demos of these new features at the 2013 NAB Show (April 6-11) at their booth #SL7721.

March 19, 2013