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March/April 2011March/April 2011

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This issue features the latest cool gadgets showcased at NAB; a look at animation and VFX in recent commercials; a case study of NEP Supershooters'  work rolling out ESPN 3D; and a Spotlight on Texas and the Southwest.

NAB From A to Z

ARRI's ALEXA Plus upgrade is the camera's first modular enhancementWhile show-goers check out these products on the convention floor, non-attendees can keep pace with manufacturers' latest product briefs

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Quenching Viewers' Thirst for Animation and VFX in Spots

The ice people celebrate their triumph with Coca-ColaStudios serve up dazzling animations, playful characters, photoreal stars and transformative visual effects

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ESPN Rolls Out ESPN 3D Network with NEP Supershooters' Support

Camera operators ran 2D and 3D cameras side by side at the USC vs. Ohio State football game. Photo: ESPN, Inc.It was less than a year ago. ESPN had just announced the launch of its event-based stereo 3D network, which was slated to air approximately 100 events during its first year. In the midst of that rollout, another kind of rollout immediately became keenly important — one that concerned the need for mobile units, 3D mobile units, to be exact.

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Spotlight: Texas and the Southwest Rally for Incentives

Cerro Pelon western set at Galisteo, New Mexico. Photo: Don GrayThe swath of the United States that comprises Oklahoma, Texas and the great Southwest comprises big states, big vistas and big potential for feature film, television and commercial producers. But with budgets facing harsh scrutiny states noted for generous production incentives fight to hang onto them, those with modest incentives pitch for increases and those currently without packages make the case that production contributes to a healthy bottom line.

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Editor's Note: NAB and the Great Unknown

It's hard to believe that it's time for NAB again. Following the hype surrounding stereo 3D last year, NAB 2011 looks to be a tamer show if not a downright somber one.

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Making Commercials: Real Barbies

Instead of getting girls to pester their parents for a Barbie doll, "When I Grow Up" captures the attention of girls and moms alike, with an aspirational message showing real women, not actors, talking about how much they love what they do.

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Making TV: Mr. Sitcom

Meet the Director of Photography responsible for cooking up Wilson's non-head shots in each Home Improvement show: Donald A. Morgan, ASC. "They gave me a lot of license for that," he chuckles.

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Inside View: Vince Cirelli

"Feature-film effects have become more complex, there are a lot more of them, the breadth of the work is larger and the talent pool has increased significantly. We're doing more shots at the last minute as the technology gets faster, and we're doing a lot more per-shot color grading to beautify shots or represent what wasn't in the photography."

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