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MSE Introduces “Lazy Suzy” Camera Support

lazy suzyBurbank-based grip and lighting support company Matthews Studio Equipment has introduced a simple but highly effective tool dubbed “Lazy Suzy.”

“Camera people are often frustrated when they spent time (which translates to money) setting up dolly track and support only to hear the ‘creatives’ say they would like the shot to be 8 or 9 inches to the left/right – whatever – for a better point-of-view,” says Robert Kulesh, vice president of sales and marketing for MSE. “Tearing down the set up and moving it costs time and money, and the pressure is on to move quickly to save both. Not always possible.

“Well, now it’s more than possible – and it only takes a few minutes to accomplish – with ‘Lazy Suzy,’” he adds. “MSE’s new support gear not only gives the cinematographer/videographer more creative opportunities, it does so in minutes.”

This heavy-duty camera-positioning device that can support camera packages up to 70lbs (30kg) does so through the use of an articulating double swivel platform. A camera can be placed anywhere within a 25-inch diameter circle without having to reposition the dolly, tripod, or car mount rig.

Made of hard-anodized aluminum with stainless steel parts, “Lazy Suzy” is highly adaptable. A series of strategically placed 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch tapped holes enable the user to secure the camera firmly for traveling shots, process trailers, or lock-off shots. Because “Lazy Suzy” is weather proof from minus 40 degrees F to plus 180 degreees F, the creative possibilities are endless. Traveling shots, process trailers, lock-off shots in hot rain forests or cold arctic or anywhere in-between are now possible with “Lazy Suzy” onboard. The device can stand up to extreme conditions.

“Lazy Suzy takes only minutes to set up and understand,” adds Kulesh. “Instead of tear down and move, the simple addition of this swivel platform makes shots more creative. Triangulating the system on moving vehicles is simple, and so is set up on tripod, dolly or process trailers and more.”

November 24, 2012