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NAB 2012 From A to Z*

NAB attendees can use this article to get a head start on convention planning, while non-attendees can keep pace with manufacturers’ latest product briefs.

By Cory Sekine-Pettite

AAdyn Technology
(booth C6046) • www.aadyntech.com
AAdyn Technology will debut the new “Jab” 5600 AC/DC portable LED fixture at NAB. Details were not yet available as of our deadline. AAdyn Technology sources its LEDs from Cree Inc., for the brightest, even-field single-source LED lights ever. Through a partnership with North Carolina manufacturer Sturdy Corporation, the production of its LED fixtures is kept in the United States. In addition to LED lighting solutions, AAdyn Technology provides camera support and grip equipment, includeing light wraps, heat-resistant flags, and rain blankets.

(booth C7032) • www.antonbauer.com
Anton/Bauer will demonstrate the advanced capabilities of its latest power solutions at NAB. New products on display will include the QRC-CA940 Gold Mount solution for the Canon EOS C300 camera and MATRIX Cheese Plate, a mounting plate that can be used with the company’s Gold Mount Solutions for the Sony PMW-F3 camera and NEX-FS-100; Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 60D Digital SLR camera and the EOS C300; Panasonic AG-AF100 series professional HD camera; and RED EPIC digital cinema camera.

(booth C6737) • www.arri.com
ARRI is the largest manufacturer of professional motion picture cameras, lighting equipment and post tools. Camera systems include: the new ALEXA Plus and ALEXA M Digital Camera Systems, lenses and professional camera accessories. Stop by to see the latest in acquisition and production, 3D stereoscopic equipment, cameras and lenses, lighting and grip, motion picture/film production, and workflow software and solutions.

Audio-Technica U.S., Inc.
(booth C3010) • www.audio-technica.com
Audio-Technica will feature new and notable products, including the AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. This handheld dynamic microphone has both USB and XLR connections, enabling its use either with a computer or with a P.A. system. Its durable metal construction provides long-lasting performance. Its low-mass diaphragm and smooth, extended frequency response make the microphone ideally suited for voiceover, field recording, podcasting, home studio recording and live performance use.

Annuncicom PS1
Barix Annuncicom PS1

(booth C1139) • www.barix.com
Barix is coming to NAB with new Audio over IP broadcast solutions, including its first two-way audio application for the TV and video production space. The Annuncicom PS1 Paging Station doubles as an IP paging and intercom device, with a simple and compact design ideal for use in fast-paced video production environments. A push-to-talk button allows technical directors to facilitate camera movements and communicate with production personnel while remaining mobile. Camera operators can mount a simple belt clip to the back of the device for on-cable attachments. It is operable with one hand, and the familiar surface means personnel can use it without looking at the device.

(booths C6833 and C9046) • www.bexel.com
At this year’s NAB Show, Bexel will host two booths – Bexel Rentals (booth C6833) and Bexel Professional Sales Group (booth C9046) – each highlighting the company’s expertise and diverse solutions for live broadcast events. Representatives will be available to discuss the company’s latest projects – from large sporting and entertainment events to higher-end reality television productions.

B&S Sprinter Van
B&S Sprinter Van

Birns & Sawyer, Inc.
(booth C8140) • www.birnsandsawyer.com
Birns & Sawyer’s custom, pre-loaded production vans starting with the “Red Carpet” Van and the new Nissan Sprinter Van offer filmmakers affordable and convenient vehicles to service their productions. Many independent feature productions already are using Birns & Sawyer’s “Turbo 18’ Grip Truck” and “Indie Filmmaker 14’ Grip Van” for their productions. The 18’ grip truck “Turbo” and the 14’ “Indie” are perfect for commercials, indie features and documentaries. Each truck and van is outfitted with the lightning instruments you know, such as ARRI, light panels, Kino Flow and American C-stands, along with a new line of internationally known HMI and Tungsten favorites re-engineered for the demands of today’s film maker.


Canon U.S.A.
(booths C4325, C3634) • www.usa.canon.com
Among the many products Canon will showcase are the XU-80 Remote Control Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) HD Camera, and the new REALiS WUX5000 and WUX5000 D Installation LCOS Projectors. Canon says a diverse range of video users are seeking cost-effective, remotely controllable pan-tilt-zoom HD camera systems to provide convenient high-quality widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) image capture from practically any visual perspective. The XU-80 is Canon’s response to this need. This compact, integrated HD PTZ camera system offers exceptional picture quality, fast pan-and-tilt action, and a waterproof and dustproof design that makes it well suited for either outdoor or indoor use. The company’s new projectors are designed to provide exceptional display performance for a wide range of professional AV markets. They utilize Canon’s unique fourth-generation AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) optical technology to maximize the display capabilities of their advanced LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) imaging panels. This combination enables the projectors to deliver higher-than-HD-resolution (1920 x 1200) widescreen video and still images with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a high brightness level of 5000 lumens.

(booth SL12213) • www.cinegy.com
Version 9.1 of Cinegy Archive and Cinegy Desktop will be launched at NAB. Cinegy Archive now has a new open API with SOAP and REST web services that also form the basis of the new Cinegy Workspace web client, as well as highly customizable portal front-end, e.g. for customer facing cloud apps. The new Cinegy Media Services allow real-time, on-the-fly creation of streaming content for any content being requested by the user in the format best suited for the device and bandwidth the user has. Cinegy Desktop now integrates a news production module, has improved production workflow features such as roundtrip AVID integration, and an improved real-time craft editor for demanding SD or HD productions. Cinegy Desktop now handles up to 256 audio channels, including surround sound, and it features Nvidia CUDA accelerated video effects.

(booth SL12107) • www.ciphertex.com
Ciphertex will showcase its new 8-10 bay portable NAS (up to 40TB) and 12 bay rack- mountable NAS (up to 144TB) media asset secure storage systems for production/postproduction and distribution workflows. Both products leverage 10GE for over 1GB/s throughput and 100K IOPS plus, coupled with AES-256 hardware encryption for ultra-safe high-speed multi-stream operation. Ciphertex renowned for data security products and services, also will demonstrate its new up to 144TB data secure rack mount storage system – ideal for high performance and capacity NAS based storage in LAN, WAN, MAM, DR and backup storage environments.

Cooke Optics
(booth C8334) • www.cookeoptics.com
Cooke will be demonstrating its three families of lenses – 5/i, S4/i and Panchro. Cooke lenses were used to film Hugo (Academy Award winner for Best Cinematography, nominee for Best Picture), as well as Midnight in Paris and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (both nominees for Best Picture). The Panchro lenses are reaching new customers; the quality, reputation and look of Cooke lenses together with the lower price point and smaller size are attracting producers of everything from TV dramas and documentaries to educational and high-end corporate productions. In particular there is increased interest from those using digital cameras with PL mounts like the ARRI Alexa, RED and the Sony F3.

DFT Digital Film Technology
(booth C11145) • www.dft-film.com
DFT Digital Film Technology will showcase version 1.5 of FLEXXITY postproduction software for Mac at NAB. In addition to supporting a Linux workflow, FLEXXITY (V1.5) for Mac provides the post software tools for dailies, playout, and archive applications for facilities with an existing Apple infrastructure. FLEXXITY helps facilities maximize their value and delivery of their content by streamlining audio ingest, image ingest, audio/video synchronization, metadata logging, grading, and playout/file generation.

(booth SL2420) • www.filmlight.itd.uk
FilmLight will be showing how its products facilitate every step in the production process from the set to the screen. It will show how Baselight, Baselight Portable and Baselight Plug-ins are being used to set looks in pre-production, to apply grades and create dailies on-set and near-set, to spur collaboration between editorial, visual effects and grading departments, and to apply final grading and DI finishing in real-time 4K (including 3D).

(booth C3628) • http://gopro.com
GoPro has strengthened its entire GoPro CineForm Studio product line for 2D and 3D postproduction workflows. For professional cinematographers, filmmakers and videographers, GoPro also has strengthened its family of professional applications. GoPro CineForm Studio Premium captures the most popular features of both CineForm’s Neo HD and Neo 3D into a singular, new solution ideal for 2D and 3D broadcast and feature film production. GoPro CineForm Studio Professional extends even more powerful stereo 3D postproduction capabilities to 3D broadcasters and 3D feature filmmakers, and is optimized for multi-camera stereo rigs, such as SI, PHANTOM, RED, and ARRI ALEXA.

(booth C4314) • http://pro.jvc.com
JVC’s new 4K Compact Handheld Camcorder (GY-HMQ10U) is sure to turn a few heads at NAB. The GY-HMQ10 is the world’s first hand held camcorder capable of capturing and recording real-time video at 4 times the resolution of full HD—3840 x 2160 images at 24p, 50p and 60p. Now you can deliver stunning cinema-quality recordings with a small form factor, self-contained camcorder. The system employs a razor sharp F2.8 10x zoom lens specifically designed for 4K imaging. A high-speed 1/2-inch class CMOS device with 8.3 million active pixels captures live progressive images at up to 60 fps. This data is then processed using an array of custom JVC Falconbrid LSI chips that deBayer the image and provide a live 4K output while simultaneously compressing video for recording onto separate solid state memory cards.

(booth N5218) • www.masstech.com
At NAB, Masstech will display its new DIAMOND collection, a range of low-cost Apps for workflow and interoperability using simple drag & drop operations, as well as new software updates for its streamlined Media Asset Management (MAM) product line. All of Masstech’s solutions for digital archiving and restoring will now come equipped with support for Linear Tape File System (LTFS) material interchange and portability. By enabling files stored on tape to be directly accessed in the same way they would be on an external hard drive, LTFS provides a platform for interchange of media. Other new software features include a one-step ‘single search’ process; an updated user interface; performance enhancements, including support for 64bit Windows OS; and more efficient searching capabilities.

HD-DC Slider
HD-DC Slider

Matthews Studio Equipment Inc.
(booth C5437) • www.msegrip.com
Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) will showcase multiple products, including Skyscraper, a new series of heavy duty, light weight lighting stands; the new HD-DC Slider, the next generation of the award winning DC Slider introduced at NAB 2011; and the Motion Control (MC) motor/micro processor system, The Smart Phone Adapter, and the Universal Tablet Mount for the DC Slider. And making its debut will be a new line of Tinker Tools. Designed, for those who have made iPads, iPhones and other small devices a vital part of their production package, the Tinker Tools are a way to keep everything close at hand – but hands free.

Miller Camera Support
(booth C7833) • www.millertripods.com
Miller will unveil its new 150mm ball base fluid head – Skyline 70 that supports a diverse choice of camera configurations up to 40 kg / 88 lbs. Features include 7-position pan and tilt drag, 8-position of selectable counterbalance, +90 degrees tilt, 120mm sliding quick release camera platform, mounting block/adaptors for accessories and safety tilt lock. The Skyline 70 incorporates a totally new counterbalance system that provides 8 positions of adjustment to enable payloads from 4.5 kg to 37.5 kg / 10 to 82.5 lbs @ 150mm C of G to be perfectly balanced. With this extended range, the Skyline 70 will accommodate a wide range of cameras in various configurations making it versatile for many applications. The ergonomic design reflects the shooting needs of sports based configurations and outside broadcast operations using barrel or lightweight box lens with external viewfinders.

Miranda Technologies Inc.
(booth N2512) • www.miranda.com
Miranda Technologies will showcase multiple new solutions at the 2012 NAB Show that reduce operating costs by streamlining content production and delivery workflows. For production studios and trucks, Miranda will showcase its signal processing, routing, and monitoring systems that integrate tightly with production switchers and audio mixers to deliver more flexible and more responsive operator workflows.

MTI Film
(booth SL14706) • www.mtifilm.com
MTI Film will be showing Cortex::Convey and Cortex::Capture, the first products in MTI’s next generation of tools to provide an efficient, easy-to-use and coherent environment for data-centric postproduction workflows. Cortex::Convey is a powerful yet simple transcoding engine that supports all popular inputs and outputs to facilitate the creation of file based deliverables for every phase of Post. It boasts an intuitive user interface and easy-to-design templates that feed automated background processes so transcoding is effortless for all users, the company reports. Cortex::Capture is a DIT’s new best friend, with features for ingesting, verifying and transcoding images from all types of digital cameras, automatic audio-image sync, plus setting and exporting looks from on-set.

OConnor DM1030D baseplate
OConnor DM1030D baseplate

(booth C6028) • www.ocon.com
For the first time at NAB, attendees can experience hands-on the Ultimate 1030D (30 lb/13.6kg capacity) and Ultimate 1030Ds (41 lb/18.6kg capacity) fluid heads. The systems include stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag that provides ultimate control and stability for digital cinematography shooting. The 1030D model provides a tilt range of ±90∞, while the 1030Ds head has a ±60∞ tilt range for heavier loads up to 41 lb/18.6kg. Both heads are ideal for use with full-format sensor lighter weight cameras, such as the RED Epic and Scarlet, Sony F3 and Canon C300. Also on display from OConnor: the 30L Carbon Fiber Tripod, O-Focus Dual Mini Follow Focus System, and the Universal Camera Baseplate.

(booths C3607, C201LMR)
Panasonic will unveil the latest in its P2 HD, 3D Professional, AVCCAM and HD systems. Also of note: The Enhanced Uni-Phier LSI Processor used inside Panasonic’s new “5-series” i-PRO SmartHD full 1080p cameras, which provides H.264 (high profile) video streams that require half the bandwidth and storage while enabling new levels of performance and image quality. Enhanced UniPhier enables dual streaming to simultaneously supply 1080p full-HD and 360p video streams, both at 30 fps, for real-time monitoring and high-resolution recording. The new camera processor also provides Lens Distortion Compensation (LDC), which ensures a natural image without distortion when viewed through a wide-angle lens. Other benefits of the new processor include smart picture quality incorporating Mega Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch technologies to deliver 128x wider dynamic range. Face Super Dynamic technology ensures clear face images.


Photron, Inc.
(booth SL4620) • www.photron.com
The new Fastcam BC2, a high-quality, high-def, high-speed video camera designed specifically for the broadcast market, will be on display at NAB. With excellent 12-bit dynamic range and 4 mega pixel (2,000 x 2,000 to 1,000 fps) resolution, the new CMOS sensor provides full 1080 high-definition resolution at 1920 x 1080 up to 2,000 fps and reduced resolution to over 86,000 fps. The new BC2 is compatible with the Sony HDVF-C30WR HD viewfinder, and PL, B4 and Nikon F-mount lenses. Additional benefits for broadcast applications include a 2.76 microsecond shutter and very low noise, artifact-free electronically cooled CMOS imaging sensor.

(booth SL2415) • www.quantel.com
Quantel will be presenting several new products, including a new broadcast architecture that enables COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) storage to support fast-turnaround workflows, new Pablo high-end post software, updated Enterprise sQ fast-turnaround production system, new innovations for QTube Edit, and much more.

Quantum Instruments
(booth C11834) • www.qtm.com
Quantum’s Omicron Flash/Video Ring Light utilizes 80 LED lamps – with a new twist. Omicron is the first “Chromatically Correct” LED light for photo, video and HDSLR video. White-only LED sources leave spectral gaps compared to traditional and natural light sources. Quantum has critically filled in those gaps with compensating colored LEDs to provide the most natural light spectrum. Furthermore, thanks to the ring design, the colored shadows of other compensated LED light sources are eliminated. The mounting bracket included with the Omicron QF26 is designed for use with all popular DSLR and video cameras.

Sachtler Ace
Sachtler Ace

(booth C6032) • www.sachtler.com
Sachtler will present the new Ace tripod system. The company says the compact, durable, and lightweight Ace offers familiar Sachtler quality at a sensational price/performance ratio. Ace – aimed largely at the growing video and DSLR filmmaker market – features an ergonomic design, intuitive operation, and a payload range of 8.8 lbs. It is ideal for lightweight HDV camcorders and video-enabled DSLR cameras. Developed specifically for Ace, the patented SA-drag (Synchronized Actuated Drag) enables exact and reproducible pans. With the 5-step counterbalance, the camera set-up can be quickly balanced.

Solid State Logic
(booth C2013) • www.solidstatelogic.com
SSL’s new Broadcast Demo Vehicle will be on display at NAB. The truck is a 30-foot, custom designed Ford with a state-of-the-art mobile production facility designed to handle a broad range of on-air audio productions. Equipped with an SSL C10 HD console, the vehicle offers a full range of SSL broadcast I/O and a range of essential broadcast technologies from partners Genelec, Miranda and RTS. SSL has already started touring the vehicle throughout the country, offering a unique opportunity to bring a high-end demonstration and training area to a user’s front door.

Sony Electronics
(booth C11001) • www.sony.com/professional
Sony’s F65 camera has been making waves since it’s introduction last year. If you haven’t seen it, now’s your chance. Billed as “true 4K and beyond,” the F65 exceeds the resolution of any previous digital motion picture camera (as of August 2011. The image sensor boasts the most photosites of any digital motion picture camera (20 million) and is the world’s first to offer a dedicated green photosite for every pixel in the 4K output image. The F65 can provide exquisite images of supersampling 1080p high definition, perfect for the time-is-money pressures of episodic television. The F65 also can output 16-bit linear RAW, which preserves all the information obtained from every photosite on the image sensor – up to 8K of resolution. Learn more at Sony’s booth.

(booth N1929) • www.tektronix.com
Tektronix will showcase the latest innovations for postproduction, broadcasting and video service providers, including rasterizers optimized for color grading, file-based video QC, and video network monitoring. For example, the WFM7200 waveform monitor and WVR7200 rasterizer help content providers verify the quality of video content and make precision adjustments that reduce the potential for gamut errors during the editing and format conversion process, effectively preventing client dissatisfaction and the need for costly rework. And Cerify Version 7.4 automates the QC of file-based video and audio, and now includes significant speed improvements.

Toshiba 3CCD IK-HD1
Toshiba 3CCD IK-HD1

Toshiba Imaging
(booth SU1623) • www.toshibacameras.com
Toshiba Imaging will showcase a new Ultra-Compact, HDTV Hi-Def 3-Chip Cameras for 3D Applications. The 3CCD IK-HD1’s ultra-compact camera head is ideal for capturing unique shots in broadcast applications and other imaging tasks where space is extremely limited. The flexible system features 1920 x 1080, 30 fps output and generation lock (genlock), making it ideal for 3D imaging and other specialty high-definition video imaging broadcast applications such as reality TV, sports, in-vehicle POV, news, commercials, and more. The C-mount lens mount, RS232C serial interface, and multiple outputs for HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M), analog RGB, or Y/Pb/Pr are standard.

TV Pro Gear
(booth OE1425) • www.tvprogear.com
At NAB, TV Pro Gear will be showing it’s newest generation of Flypaks. They feature six cameras on optical fiber, four channels of instant replay/slow-motion and two channels of Chyron Graphics. The company also will be displaying the 3D Flypak recently built for Wealth TV to shoot Don King Boxing matches for ESPN. Also on display will be its newest Mercedes Benz Sprinter Truck with a VSAT uplink dish. A six-camera truck with a two-channel title generator, 4 channels of instant replay can be purchased for as little as $250,000.

(booth SU11012) • www.vidovation.com
VidOvation will demonstrate an array of its award-winning video communications systems solutions, including In-Net GoalCam; Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system; AVN 443 HD Encoder; the MVN-EN460 Broadcast Encoder; the Minicaster portable, self-contained, standalone system for live HD and SD video webcasting; and iRecord, a stand-alone, network-enabled hybrid digital video recorder for security and surveillance applications.

*Note: Not a complete list of NAB exhibitors.

November 9, 2012