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NAB 2013 From A to Z*

NAB 2013 From A to Z*

By Cory Sekine-Pettite

AAdyn Technology (booth C7349)

AAdyn Technology (booth C7349)www.aadyntech.com

Among AAdyn Technology’s products on display this year will be the AAdyn JAB Hurricane, a robust all-weather IP65 rated white light professional fixture designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. The Hurricane delivers an impressive 1,771 fc @ 10 feet, and 798 fc @ 15 feet; while consuming only 1.77 amps at full power. Also on display: AAdyn Tech’s revolutionary ECO LED Space Light and ECO Punch Plus. The ECO LED Space Light is a professional grade, LED based fixture which provides exceptional white light output and control. From simple, single channel DMX operation to fully customizable, multi-channel operation the user can quickly and easily select the level of control desired. The ECO Punch Plus is the most powerful daylight-balanced LED light on the market today, drawing less than 5 amps at full power. This fixture throws a true output of 4,044 fc @ 10 feet with an even spread and no drop off.

Anton/Bauer (booth C6025)


Anton/Bauer®, a premier global provider of batteries, chargers, lighting and other mobile power systems for the professional broadcast, video and film industries, will exhibit several of its new portable power solutions for broadcast and digital media professionals. Among the products on display will be the DIONIC® HD battery, Anton/Bauer Wireless System, AB Direct VU handheld receiver/monitor and several new Gold Mount® power solutions for the Blackmagic EF and MFT cinema cameras, Litepanels Hilio™ LED fixtures and Litepanels Sola ENG Flight Kit, Sola 4 and Sola 6 LEDs.

ARRI (booth C4337)

ARRI (booth C4337)www.arri.com

With the ALEXA XT cameras (Xtended Technology), ARRI is refreshing its ALEXA product line, incorporating new features inspired by feedback from professional users. The ALEXA XT, ALEXA XT M, ALEXA XT Plus and ALEXA XT Studio cameras will replace all previous models except for the original ALEXA. Further, ARRI and Codex have co-developed a new upgrade option for all ALEXA cameras that allows internal recording of ARRIRAW up to 120 fps. The XR Module is an affordable new side panel with various in-camera recording options, replacing the current SxS Module. It allows ALEXA owners to embrace the latest advances in recording technologies without having to purchase a new camera. Additionally, ARRI continues to swiftly deliver high-quality Pro Camera Accessories for the latest DSLRs and digital cameras with the release of new accessories for Sony’s F5 and F55.

Autodesk (booth SL3316)


At NAB and throughout the year, Autodesk is going to highlight great work and stories that have been created in Smoke – announcing collaboration with some of the biggest names in the industry. During NAB, there will be 4 hours of daily presentations from Smoke users. The company has invited Fix It in Post Filmmaker Jeremy Hunt (the filmmaker who co-directed the first viral video ever, 405, and whose film Fix It In Post received 20,000 views in the first 48 hours online) and some other well-known surprise guests. For Flame Premium, Autodesk will feature customers who are already using the new Flame 20th Anniversary edition in production and continuing the momentum of the 20th Anniversary launch. The company will be focusing on customer success stories using Flame’s new creative workflow. Finally, Autodesk will demonstrate Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suites and new workflows.

BroaMan (booth C8443)


BroaMan, a leading German manufacturer of professional digital video, audio and data network solutions providing routing, format conversion and management for a variety of markets, including broadcast, post-production and AV, will exhibit its affordable Repeat48 and Repeat48CWDM plug-and-play video conversion solutions. These powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective devices include built-in multiplexers for combining multiple signals onto a single fiber, which in turn can be interfaced to audio and data network systems, including Optocore, SANE, MADI and Ethernet.

Canon USA Inc. (booths C3628, C4325)

Canon USA Inc.www.usa.canon.com

Canon will feature the complete lineup of broadcast and studio lenses, long-zoom field lenses, portable lenses, and the popular Cinema EOS System of Digital Cinema Cameras and Lenses, featuring Canon’s Emmy Award® winning large format CMOS sensor. Canon’s professional HD camcorder models, remote-control robotic pan-tilt-zoom HD cameras, and its award-winning EOS Digital SLR cameras will also be on-hand for demonstrations. Throughout the week, Canon will host a series of live stage presentations from acclaimed cinematographers to discuss the creative and real-world applications of its Cinema EOS cameras and lenses. A theater located in the booth will screen recent projects shot on professional Canon equipment and offer a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the content.

Chrosziel (booth C9035)

Chrosziel (booth C9035)www.chrosziel.de

Chrosziel will display new camera accessories for Sony’s brand-new PMW F5 and F55 cameras. Among the kits offered, Chrosziel has assembled a special kit optimized for producing digital cinematography in 4k quality with Sony’s PMW F55. This kit (product code 602-4kP1) contains Chrosziel’s flagship matte box MB 602, a bridge plate with 19 mm diameter rods, a base plate, and bellows and intermediate rings for all relevant lens diameters. With Chrosziel light-weight supports, it is exceptionally easy to switch between 15 mm support systems and 19 mm studio base plates because both lightweight supports also serve as an adapter for base plate Digi Cine (401-F235) featuring 19 mm studio rods.

Cinegy (booth SL11112)


At NAB 2013, Cinegy will be demonstrating the key features of the new 9.5 version of Cinegy’s Media Asset Management and Archive solutions, Archive 9.5 and Cinegy Desktop 9.5 along with its Automation, Playout and CG Solutions Cinegy Air 9.5, Cinegy Studio 9.5 and Cinegy Type 9.5. Cinegy Archive is the innovative media asset management solution for any organization with an archive or productions to manage. Archive 9.5, now supporting Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, features a new native 64-bit Cinegy Archive Services, improving scalability of web services for cloud integration. Archive 9.5 also supports object tagging, allowing very quick and simple searches of the archive.

Codex (booth C6048)


The new Codex XR Module provides several recording options in a single package. ARRIRAW at up to 120 fps (16:9) can be recorded onto a high-performance Codex Capture Drive. In addition, Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD can be recorded to a Capture Drive, making longer recording times possible (up to 2.1 hours of ProRes 4444), or, with an SxS adapter, to an SxS PRO card. Codex co-developed with ARRI a new extended recording module for ARRI ALEXA that allows internal recording of ARRIRAW at up to 120 fps. The new XR Module, incorporates industry-leading Codex recording technology directly into the camera, is available as an upgrade option for all current ALEXA cameras (replacing the current SxS Module) and is standard on the new ARRI ALEXA XT. The Codex XR Capture Drives are identical in form to current Codex Capture Drives and are compatible with the Codex Vault, Codex Capture Drive Transfer Station and Codex Capture Drive Dock (USB-3). The drives are high performance solid state memory.

Crystal Vision (booth N1523)


Crystal Vision will be showing its new products for the virtual studio, with the U.S. launch of its evaluations-winning chroma keyer Safire 3, accompanied by a state-of-the-art touch screen control panel. The easy-to-drive Safire 3 chroma keyer uses an advanced algorithm and numerous key processing options to produce the best possible chroma key, and also features built-in color correction and video delay. Other new products on show will include a logo keyer with enhanced audio capabilities and more, a new range of feature-packed variable video delays offering up to 110 seconds of delay, Crystal Vision’s innovative Dolby encoding solution for its embedded audio products, and three new features for the company’s up and down converters.

Dalet (booth SL4524)


Dalet Digital Media Systems is showcasing Dalet Galaxy, its new and most advanced Media Asset Management (MAM) platform along with the updated versions of its workflow solutions, as well as the new Dalet One Cut video editor, the Dalet-on-the-Go mobile app, and additional Dalet XTend connectors, which provide fast and easy integrations with different broadcast, production and distribution systems. Dalet Galaxy boasts a new, totally revamped, user-friendly, ergonomic interface along with the versatile new Dalet One Cut multitrack video editor. It is an open platform with a variety of data exchange and integration paths, including SOA compliant tools as well as Dalet Xtend connectors that simplify third-party integrations with NLEs, broadcast servers, HSM, automation systems, traffic and broadcast management, distribution and business systems.

Facilis (booth SL7606)

Facilis (booth SL7606)www.facilis.com

Facilis will showcase its TerraBlock v5.7 and SyncBlock. Facilis TerraBlock v5.7 is the latest version of Facilis’ shared storage system supporting 8Gb/s and 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, and 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet client connectivity. Feature highlights include: Shared File System performance enhancements, support for 4TB drives, 16Gbps Fibre Channel, support for Mac OS X 10.8.2, drive recovery boost, DPX capture enhancements and Windows Project Manager for use with Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Qualified for direct attachment to TerraBlock Shared Storage Systems, SyncBlock is Facilis’ new line of archive, backup and synchronization solutions that allow users to easily archive, backup, sync, mirror and transport file-based media. Through SyncBlock, RAID5/6 TX16 and T8 SAS-attached drive arrays can perform backup and near-line functions. With 4TB drives available, the total raw capacity of a single TerraBlock 24D with SyncBlock and TX16 Expansions is 288TB.

Fujifilm North America Corporation (booth C7525)

Fujifilm North America Corporation (booth C7525)www.fujifilmusa.com/northamerica

Fujifilm’s Optical Devices Division will show a variety of new lenses and upgrades at this year’s NAB. Visitors will find FUJINON lenses for broadcasting, sports, digital cinematography and production applications, including an enhanced version of the Emmy-Award winning “Precision Focus Assist” technology and the latest in PL Mount, EFP, Studio, and ENG lenses. Two high-performance lenses, the Premier PL 85-300 Cabrio lens (model ZK3.5×85) and the XA99x8.4 UltraWide field production lens, will make their NAB debut this year. While the PL 85-300 is similar in size and weight as the PL 19-90mm Cabrio (Model ZK4.7×19), its longer focal length makes it ideal for shooting documentaries, nature and wildlife, and commercials. The PL 85-300 offers a focal length of 85-220mm at T2.9 and 300mm at T4.0, with 200-degree focus rotation.

Hitachi (booth C4309)


Hitachi Kokusai Electric America will introduce the SK-HD2200 full body HD production camera – a new top-of-the line studio and OB camera that features new 2/3-inch, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-CCDs, 1,100TVL resolution and 3Gbps HD-SDI signal handling from end-to-end. The company will also introduce the Z-HD6000 CMOS studio camera, which includes new 2/3-inch CMOS camera processor. The new SK-HD2200 is complemented by the portable, hand-held version model SK-HD1200. Outstanding images are acquired by three (R,G,B) 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) 1080-line progressive-scan CCDs. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology available assure low-noise, high dynamic range pictures.

JVC Professional Products Co. (booth C4314)


JVC Professional Products Co. (booth C4314)JVC recently introduced the GY-HM70 ProHD shoulder-supported camcorder, which delivers 60p full HD images and innovative features at a cost-effective price point. With a 12-megapixel CMOS imager, it records 1920×1080 footage in the AVCHD Progressive format at 28 Mbps to dual solid-state memory cards. The GY-HM70 is equipped with a high quality 29.5mm wide-angle GT lens that offers smooth 16x dynamic zoom performance. Veteran shooters will appreciate the camera’s manual focus, iris, and shutter controls, as well as manual and automatic white balance. The camera also provides an optical image stabilizer, auto focus, and focus assist. See this camera and more at JVC’s booth.

K-Tek (booth C2046)


K-Tek will showcase three new products this year: the K-Tek BLT-35 Boom Pole Case, K-Tek iPad Case, and KTA2 Transmitter Adapter Side Mount. The BLT-35 Boom Pole Kit Case is designed to store and transport the K-Tek Klassic (K102CCR) and shorter length boom poles, which collapse to under 2.25 feet. The durable new BLT-35 features a smart clamshell style design, and utilizes 3-layer structural foam for lightweight durability. Since sound carts now have an iPad, K-Tek designed the aluminum iPad case to protect and firmly attach the iPad 4, yet allow it to easily be removed when necessary. The iPad case attaches to a ¼-20 thread so it can be fitted to a magic arm. K-Tek’s KTA2 Transmitter Adapter Side Mount is a redesigned replacement for the original model, sporting a lower profile, lighter weight, and rigid attachment. Easy to use, it can attach a wireless microphone adapter to any K-Tek Klassic boom pole.

Litepanels (booth C6425)


Litepanels will debut a variety of new LED lighting products. For the first time at NAB, Litepanels will show production models of the largest members of its Fresnel fixture family, the Inca 12™ (tungsten balanced) and Sola 12™ (daylight balanced) fixtures. These cool-running powerhouses combine the performance of large Fresnel fixtures with the advantages of LED technology. Both versions supply powerful and controllable illumination comparable to a 2K, while using just a small fraction of the energy required by traditional tungsten or daylight Fresnel fixtures. Also on display will be the new 1×1 LS Bi-Color™, the latest in the Litepanels revolutionary family of flat panel 1’x1’ fixtures. This versatile light provides dependable, soft, directional output that is adjustable from daylight to tungsten, and 100% to zero dimming with no color shift. Color and dimming adjustments are provided via convenient on-fixture knobs.

Matthews Studio Equipment (booth C5437)


Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) will introduce several new products at NAB, including the Makalu System, a unique remote head package designed for live action, time lapse, visual effects, cinematography and videography. What makes this remote head different is the user interface, which is a multi-axis jog box with a professional joystick connected via WiFi to an iPad Mini, iPad 2&3 or iPhone. In addition, MSE will introduce LazySuzy, a quick and secure way to change camera positioning. This articulated double-swivel camera platform allows the cinematographer/videographer more creative opportunities. The camera can be placed anywhere within a 25” diameter circle, without having to reposition the dolly, tripod, or car mount rig. There’s also the UnderslingLITE, a very simplistic addition to Intel-A-JibLITE that allows the operator to work freely under the jib arm from absolute ground level up to as high as one can reach without any obstruction form the arm itself.

Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. (booth SU8918)


Announced in March, Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc.’s AudioTools™ FOCUS is a family of stand–alone software processors that give users in broadcast, film, television, radio, over–the–top (OTT), and mobile/handheld (M/H) producers turnkey control over the audio–specific aspects of their workflows. The first product in the family, AudioTools FOCUS for Loudness Control, is the industry’s first self–contained application designed for automated, intelligent loudness control with simple operation. Proven presets provide out–of–the–box usability, and the simple user interface enables rapid progress assessment. Administration is also uncomplicated, with easily customized processing that fits individual client and workflow needs. The system streamlines workflows while sophisticated “pūrPath” signal processing yields higher–quality product, reduced rework, fewer complaints, better consistency, and faster turnaround.

MTI Film (booth SL15511)


MTI Film will feature its new Cortex system. Cortex::Capture is an on-set playback and color correction application that also includes tools for audio/picture synchronization and metadata management. Cortex::Control Dailies is a complete dailies solution – from set to delivery. MTI Film’s new platform brings efficiency, usability and coherence to the process of managing file based workflows from set to screen. Cortex::Convey is a transcoding application designed for speed and simplicity. Powered by a multi-threaded background transcoding engine that utilizes the latest GPU accelerated image processing technology, Convey can create all the deliverables needed for review, editorial and mastering.

Nativ (booth SU11621)


Nativ, the media management and workflow expert, will be launching its Mio v5.0 platform into the United States at this year’s NAB Show. Mio v5.0 is the first enterprise media asset management and workflow solution with built-in social collaboration, browser-based editing and shot logging. The solution will enable studios, broadcasters, networks and production companies to take back control of their assets and truly manage their entire content workflow in one place. Available as a SaaS or enterprise solution Mio v5.0 gives content owners the ability to quickly respond to rapidly changing consumer demands for more content on more devices with these revolutionary new features.

NewTek (booth SL4610)


NewTek will showcase its full range of TriCaster™ multi-camera video production systems, which are currently the number-one switchers on the market and the preferred choice of media professionals who are seeking new, more cost-effective ways to produce programs online. In fact, company research has shown that TriCasters are now used to produce more than 60,000 hours of video content each week – 40,000 of which is live. NewTek also will highlight its 3Play™ slow motion instant replay solutions and demonstrate how the ChyronIP 3D graphics generator works exclusively with its TriCaster systems.

Orad (booth SL5709)


Orad, a leader in award-winning, real-time 3D graphics, video server, and media asset management solutions will be present its newest product line-up, including VJ, Blend and PowerPlay. Orad’s VJ production server provides a tapeless workflow from ingest to playout. It is ideal for news, live events, soaps, talk shows and other studio productions, and its flexible design supports up to eight channels that can be arranged in different in/out configurations. Blend is Orad’s file-based channel-in-a-box solution that provides HD/SD video playout coupled with 3D real-time graphics. Blend is a high-quality, cost-effective solution that is set to address today’s broadcasting challenges. PowerPlay is a turnkey, fast turnaround sport-production solution for managing live sports productions. Capabilities include ingest and instant highlight editing integrated through a dedicated sports media asset management platform.

The Padcaster LLC (booth C-ST16)

The Padcaster LLC (booth C-ST16)www.thepadcaster.com

The Padcaster LLC will be exhibiting in the StartUp Loft at the 2013 NAB Show. A rugged iPad case turned mobile production studio, the Padcaster transforms Apple’s tablet into an all-in-one moviemaking machine. The sturdy custom case lets videographers attach lights, mics and other necessary filmmaking accessories and enhancements to the iPad. Paired with the Lenscaster, the combo takes the iPad from ordinary tablet to high-tech production device.

Panasonic (booth C3607)


PanasonicVisitors to the Panasonic booth at NAB can expect to see two, new integrated pan/tilt/zoom models, the AW-HE60H with HDMI and component outputs, and the AW-HE60S with HD/SD-SDI and component outputs plus genlock. Both full HD integrated cameras boast innovative features, including IP live video monitoring for remote preview and control, and a Night Mode for shooting in extremely low light using IR illumination. The HE60S/H cameras offer a compact design that combines outstanding image quality, smooth pan/tilt/zoom operation, and easy integration for superior HD and SD production and video communications. The cameras utilize full HD MOS sensors (effective resolution 1920 x1080) and feature Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) technology to help compensate for wide variations in lighting. Both IP and RS-422 serial control interfaces are built-in.

Petrol Bags (booth C6432)


Petrol BagsPetrol Bags will be premiering new audio and camera bags and accessories. The new Deca Large Lightweight Audio Bag is optimally designed for soundmen who use the Sound Devices 664 mixer, with or without the CL6 Controller. Within the bag, the mixer and controller are fully accessible and readouts are easily viewable. Meanwhile, the new Deca Airflow Camera Backpack features a rainbow shape to allow air flow through to enhance comfort. Ideal for small cameras up to the Sony PMW-200 size, this no-hands carrier offers a special pocket for a 17” laptop and accessories. There’s also the new Deca Camera and Accessories Bag, featuring an ultra-wide opening. This is the carrier for a fully equipped camera such as the Sony F65 or ARRI ALEXA, or may be used as an accessories case. Its internal structure is made from a one-piece honeycomb frame offering strength and protection to internal gear.

Quantel (booth SL2109)

Sachtler (booth C6025)www.quantel.com

Quantel, a leader in content creation systems for broadcast, post and DI, will have the latest developments on its Enterprise sQ, QTube and Pablo Rio to show you. Additionally, revolutionQ and Pablo Rio will be appearing front of house in the company’s state-of-the-art 4K theatre. Quantel also promises a few surprises, so be sure to stop by the booth.

Sachtler (booth C6025)


Sachtler will introduce a new model in its Ace tripod system – the Ace L. With a payload range of 0 to 13.2 pounds (0 to 6 kg), the new 75mm Ace L fluid head is not only perfect for video-enabled DSLR and lightweight HDV camcorders, but also for heavier set-ups with additional camera accessories. The fluid head with the patented SA drag™ damping system is available in a choice of two different tripod system configurations, one with a mid level spreader, and the second with the TT 75/2 legs for the greatest height range. Also on hand will be the company’s new TT 75/2 CF Carbon Fiber Telescopic Tripod, ENG 75/2 D HD tripod, and the artemis Cine HD Pro, EFP HD, or DV Pro camera stabilizer systems.

Schneider Optics (booth C9035)


Schneider Optics’ booth will feature an innovative In-Camera Filter System developed for the ARRI ALEXA by Schneider and Clairmont Camera. The custom designed assemblies hold interchangeable Schneider filters in front of the ALEXA’s CMOS sensor assembly. The kit includes a specially designed magnetic filter holder to replace the light baffle in the camera. Once in place, the assembly allows secure mounting and precise positioning. Also on display will be two new lenses in the iPro Lens System, for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. The .45X Ultra wide provides a spectacular field of view with minimal distortion. The iPro Macro allows the iPhone to focus on objects close to the lens front. These lenses join the iPro Fisheye, .65X Wide Angle, and 2X Tele. A new iPro case for the iPhone 5, provides a precisely positioned lens mount so iPro lenses mount to the iPhone.

SGO (booth SL10321)


Visit SGO’s booth in the South Hall to see how the company’s Mistika software was used in the production of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Mistika provides creative tools for 2D and highly-developed stereoscopic 3D productions, boasting remarkable speed and real-time visual effects, color grading, editing, compositing, graphics and multi-format mastering and much more. With Mistika operating from non-proprietary hardware with an open file structure, including widespread codec-support, it enables easy integration and compatibility with other systems. Mistika uses NVIDIA’s Quadro GPUs to accelerate algorithmic computations involved in all visual effects, pushing the boundaries of science. SGO entrusts Mistika to HP’s platforms in order to achieve maximum real-time editing, ultimate grading and compositing. HP Workstations are time-tested and dependable and exclusively used to accelerate 2D and Stereo 3D post-production workflows in all Mistika projects.

Solid State Logic (booth C2617)


Solid State LogicSolid State Logic debuts its new V6 Software for the industry-leading C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Console. Demonstrating ongoing development of the C100 HDS, the V6 Software release offers new features that introduce significant workflow efficiencies for operators. “The C100 is a mature, proven product that continues to exceed the expectations of broadcasters around the world,” says Piers Plaskitt, CEO of SSL, Inc. “This new V6 software release introduces some significant features that will further improve the speed and efficiency with which engineers can operate. SSL is always listening to its clients and is involved in a process of continual development. The result is a superb broadcast production platform with an incredibly deep feature set that operators love.”

Sony Electronics Inc. (booth C11001)

Sony Electronics Inc.www.sony.com/professional

Attendees can see Sony’s full line of 4K acquisition technologies – the F65, with its 8K sensor, and the new F55 and F5 4K cameras, plus a full line of 4K-related accessories, giving content creators new levels of flexibility and creative options for acquisition and production. Sony is also showing its full line of Super 35 mm professional camcorders, the expanded family of XDCAM HD422 technologies including the new PMW-160 handheld camcorder, and the newest MVS production switchers that combine performance and affordability for schools, corporations, houses of worship and more.

Sound Devices (booth C2849)


Sound Devices (booth C2849)Sound Devices will highlight diverse capabilities of the rack-mounted PIX 260i, the file-based audio/video recorder ideal for OB, in-studio and post-production environments. The PIX 260i brings the features and tools needed by production companies and broadcasters looking to migrate to file-based recording and playback environments. The system records QuickTime files in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD video formats. Sound Devices has infused the PIX 260i with 32-track record/playback capabilities. In addition to 16 channels of embedded SDI audio and eight channels of HDMI audio, the PIX 260i also accepts eight channels of line-level analog I/O and eight channels of AES digital audio. Using Dante, the PIX 260i can accept and transmit up to 32 channels of audio over Ethernet.

Studio Technologies Inc. (booth C5449)

Studio Technologies Inc. (booth C5449)www.studio-tech.com

Studio Technologies Inc., the manufacturer of tailored high-performance audio, video and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, will debut the Live-Link 07X-series of remote camera interface systems at the 2013 NAB Show. Purpose-built to accommodate the technical requirements for emerging 4K-based broadcast production workflows and camera systems, the 07X-series is ideally suited for live sports and event productions. This newest member of the Live-Link family delivers all the power and flexibility of the standard Live-Link system, along with the unique resources required by broadcasters seeking a 4K solution. The camera end unit features four 3G-SDI-compatible inputs to accommodate data-intensive 4K digital video streams and an additional 3G/HD/SD-SDI input for an alternate digital video stream. The camera end unit also includes a 3G/HD/SD-SDI return from the control room unit for confidence monitoring. All signals are transported using just two strands of single-mode fiber, one each for signals in each direction.

TSL Professional Products Ltd. (booth N1124)


TSL will present a selection of new audio, loudness, tally, power distribution and surround sound capture and processing solutions at NAB 2013. The company will launch its new SAM1-3GM Studio Audio Monitoring Solution and showcase the Monitor Plus Audio (MPA) and PAM Pico product ranges for audio monitoring. “Having been incredibly active in the USA for the past couple of years, TSL PPL is fast becoming the manufacturer of choice for many U.S. broadcasters,” says Chris Exelby, managing director. “Our audio monitoring line, in particular, has been incredibly successful, with a number of high-profile and forward-thinking television networks adopting TSL PPL’s technology. At TSL PPL, we are constantly striving to produce and deliver cutting-edge broadcast solutions that keep pace with the industry’s changing needs and demands for efficient content delivery.”

VariZoom (booth C9519)


The Stealthy is VariZoom’s answer to the demand for a device that can handle the needs of both video and photography applications in the field: Steady motion stabilizer, 3-point shooter, mini monopod, full monopod, & tripod. See it for yourself at NAB. The Stealthy hangs from a belt clip and can be drawn quickly to capture images. With one simple move, it transforms into a lap monopod; with another move it becomes a fully functional gimbaled stabilizer for steady walking shots and simulated crane motions. With another quick adjustment, it becomes a 3-point shooter allowing rock steady shots with full adjustments to fit nearly any user of DSLR and video cameras from 8 ounces up to several pounds.

Vinten (booth C6025)

Vinten www.vinten.com

Vinten has created the Vision bluebridge, an accessory that works with any of the pan and tilt heads in the Vision blue range to extend the payloads, which can be perfectly balanced. The new accessory offers the ultimate flexibility to camera operators whether using the original Vision blue, the recently launched Vision blue3, or the Vision blue5. The Vision bluebridge works by shifting the payload range down and gives users a cost-effective option by extending the payload capabilities of their chosen Vision blue system. This means operators effectively need one single tripod system for their shoots. The Vision blue family encompasses the three next-generation head and tripod systems providing the perfect balance for payloads as low as 4.6 lbs/2.1kg, to suit the lightest of camcorders and DSLRs, right up to 26.5 lb/12kg for the larger professional cameras.

Wowza Media Systems (booth SU11007)


At the 2013 NAB Show, attendees will experience the premiere of several new additions to Wowza Media Server®, which continue to enable reach to the largest possible audience with simplified streaming workflows. The Wowza Media Server revolutionizes media delivery with reliable, cost-effective, secure streaming across the broadest array of devices. With full support for MPEG-DASH, the software can provide the highest quality experience to viewers while reducing costs and streamlining the infrastructure for content providers. For the latest in security, Wowza offers new built-in content protection, secure key exchange with multiple DRM providers and a new StreamLock™ AddOn for easy, secure RTMPS.

Zylight (booth C5446)

Zylight (booth C5446)www.zylight.com

Zylight will be at NAB this year with its latest lighting equipment, including the F8, the award-winning LED Fresnel the company says is the thinnest Fresnel ever built. Also on display will be the new IS3c with included Chimera Softbox, and new LED instrument kits. The IS3c features variable color temperature, color correction and full color output, making it the most versatile LED panel around.

*Note: Not a complete list of NAB exhibitors.

Outdoor/Mobile Media Exhibits

As Markee reported in our November/December 2012 issue, the mobile production market looks strong. “New and extensive contracts, additions to fleets and the upcoming renovation to the last vestiges of the SD era provide proof that the industry is moving forward at the dawn of 2013,” Markee contributor Mark Smith reported. So while at NAB, be sure to check out the Outdoor/Mobile Media area between the Central and South halls. Below is a brief look at some of the companies exhibiting in this section of the show, as well as a couple of companies that should be on your radar:

Camera Copters*

Camera Copterswww.cameracopters.com

Camera Copters, with facilities in Florida, New York, California and Louisiana, is a leader in aerial cinematography and support. Currently, the company operates four helicopters and its own big rig truck for turnkey aerial production. Among Camera Copters’ latest equipment offerings are a CINEFLEX Elite camera system with an ARRI ALEXA M, which finally allows this coveted camera to be used in aerial cinematography; and a specially equipped MD 500 copter, which Owner Paul Barth says was built for “high and hot” work – high altitude and hot environments. Recent projects Barth and company have assisted on include the TV productions Revolution (NBC), Mountain Men (History Channel, pictured) and The Following (Fox), and films such as Motel (2013) and the next Superman production.

Droidworx Ltd New Zealand (booth OE835)


Droidworx Ltd New Zealand is a manufacturer of advanced multi-rotor airframes. The company exports the most extensive range of craft worldwide, servicing the market in multi-rotor aerial systems for film making, aerial photography applications and professional cinematography. Droidworx craft feature state-of-the-art composite aerospace and industrial grade materials, perfectly engineered high-quality airframe kits, which fit all the well-known flight control electronics for aerial robotics.

Gerling & Associates (booth OE601)


Gerling & AssociatesGerling & Associates (G&A), the global leader in the manufacture of broadcast communications vehicles, mobile command facilities, promotional vehicles, and marketing trailers, will be at NAB with two impressive mobile vehicles: a Stallion EXP truck it built for Proshow Audiovisual Broadcast in Vancouver, and an Expanding Side Trailer outfitted for Dome Productions of Toronto. The G&A truck is the only truck out there with this large expanding side on a truck body. It features a 32-foot body (40 feet bumper to bumper) and a unique over-cab air conditioner with two, 60,000-BTU units. The trailer is 53 feet long. It features 22 cameras, and is Class A HDTV production trailer with a custom interior fit and finish with extended audio systems and monitor walls. The exterior features a seamless and rivetless auto-type look and a 40,000 BTU air conditioner, as well as fold-down platforms.

Island Century Media*


Operating out of Florida, California, Louisiana and New York, Island Century Media is a leading high definition aerial cinematography company. The company’s aerial cameras – including the CINEFLEX V-14 and FLIR UltramediaHD with Sony CineAlta Cameras – have been employed for everything from live sports coverage (such as PGA Tour events and the Boston Marathon) to TV production (Real Housewives of Miami, for example). Additional services offered by Island Century include location scouting, Google Earth and Maps with integrated HD video, aerial surveillance, and LINK Wireless HD transmission.

Sure Shot Transmissions Inc. (booth OE907)

Sure Shot Transmissionswww.sureshotsat.com

Sure Shot will be promoting its newest Production/Uplink vehicle, the Cynthia Lee at NAB. Cynthia Lee is a 40-foot Emperor Class Expanding Full Production/Uplink Trailer with seating and work area for 15 people. It is equipped with the industry’s best: Grass Valley, Chyron, Digico Adtec, and EVS, just to name a few. Cynthia Lee features all of the audio, communications, transmission, and support equipment you’re likely to need. Be sure to get out of the sun and have a look inside while at the show.

*Not exhibiting

January 17, 2013