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NAB 2014 Preview


By Monica Burres and Michael Fickes

2 New VariCams
(Booth C3607)

Panasonic will introduce two new VariCams at NAB. One is a 4K VariCam with a new super 35mm MOS image sensor for 4096 x 2160 (17:9) 4K image capture. The new imager has 14+ stops of latitude and faithfully captures high-contrast, wide dynamic range imagery. The second is a third-generation, 2/3-inch VariCam with high-speed 1080p image capture with 14 stops of dynamic range. It provides up to 240fps, and can ramp and change frame rates during record. Both feature camera heads that are separate but dockable to the recording module. Both also feature Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA family of video codecs.

Digital Nirvana

(Booth SU11017)

MediaPro AnyStream
MediaPro AnyStream

Digital Nirvana will be showcasing the AnyStream IQ OTT Monitoring System, and the MediaPro Content Repurposing System. The AnyStream IQ OTT Monitoring System came from the need for reliable OTT monitoring, and the rise of video delivery systems and continuous streaming content to desktops, tablets and other devices. The AnyStream IQ allows broadcasters, content creators and the like to keep tabs on OTT content and ensure that streams are up and running. The MediaPro Content Repurposing System is the solution for repurposing and rebroadcasting encrypted HD content to a variety of platforms. The input and output options include SDI, ASI, IIP, QAM, and ATSC.

Eden Park Illumination
(Booth C2050)

Eden Park Illumination, innovator of Microplasma Lighting, will be showcasing its new Studio 3000 Microplasma Light – bringing high-quality, diffuse light to a new level. This no-glare lighting is a mountable fixture intended for use in video, photography or cinematography applications. Unlike LED lights, Microplasma lighting has no need for a diffuser as the light comes directly off of the surface area of the lamp itself. This flat panel technology maintains a stable color temperature, with thin panels that are easy to store, transport, and set up. With no mercury or lead in the studio light, the fixture is environmentally friendly and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect as a fill light, the Studio 3000 Microplasma light reduces shadow, does not cause glare, and intensifies skin tone reproduction.

EditShare Storage V7
(Booth SL5709)

Built on Linux OS with a new and intuitive interface, EditShare Storage V7 offers a number of new features. First is a Quality of Service system that reserves bandwidth for high-priority activities such as real-time capture or play-out while limiting the bandwidth of low-priority activities. Then there is EditShare Connect Project Profiles. It remembers which spaces to display or mount for different projects. V7 also supports active directory single sign on. It also allows Final Cut Pro X workgroups to use AFP-mounted spaces as SAN Volumes, enabling editors to store FCP X Libraries, Events and Projects on central storage. EditShare’s NAB lineup also includes the end-to-end Geevs Studio Multicam workflow tool, Flow V3 media asset management, and the Field 2 shared storage system.

(Booth C7025)

Fujifilm introduces two new lenses – the Premier PL 14-35mm Cabrio wide-angle lens and the XA55x9.5 HDTV Telephoto Box Style lens. The new PL 14-35mm Cabrio is lightweight and comfortable to use with today’s smaller 4K cameras. It features an expanded focal length range to 14-35mm at T2.9, with 200-degree focus rotation, and a detachable digital servo drive. The XA55x9.5 telephoto zoom is designed for large venues requiring tight shots from long distances. It has a focal length of 9.5mm to 535mm or 19mm to 1050mm with an extender.

fX3D Graphics
(Booth SL6325)

Broadcast Pix has introduced fX3D, a real-time 3D graphics system designed to build dynamic graphic content for live events, sports, broadcast news or channel branding. fX3D can stand alone as a graphics system for existing broadcast infrastructures or function as an addition to Broadcast Pix Granite or Mica integrated production switchers. Three software modules create a simplified end-to-end graphics workflow. Creator software enables graphic content design and includes lights, shaders, movement and materials on 3D objects. Second, an fX3D API integrates the system with Broadcast Pix switchers or third-party products such as broadcast news systems. Finally, fX3D Playout is a rundown controller that brings completed graphics to air.

Imagineer Systems
(Booth SL3331)

Imagineer Systems will preview new capabilities of mocha Pro and mocha AE planar motion tracking and visual effects software at NAB. Demonstrations will showcase powerful enhancements to mocha v4 products. Enhancements include a stereo 3D toolset that facilitates workflow and support for native stereoscopic projects. Python scripting support will enable writing custom modules to help integrate mocha into site-specific workflows. New export formats and support will work with more host applications. Roto and masking improvements will reduce manual keyframing organic shapes. Finally, there are new customizable keyboard shortcuts. Customers that purchase mocha AE or mocha Pro during NAB will receive a free upgrade to version 4 on the release date.

(Booth C6025)

Sola 4 Flight Kit 049 Hilio — D12 257
Sola 4 Flight Kit 049 Hilio — D12 257

Litepanels, a Vitec Group brand and premier provider of LED lighting for the broadcast and production industries, will debut the Sola 9 (daylight balanced) and Inca 9 (tungsten balanced) LED Fresnels at NAB 2014. Following last year’s breakthrough launch of the Sola 12 and Inca 12, the new 9” fixtures fill a market demand for medium-sized LED Fresnels. Litepanels’ collection of LED Fresnels now covers the complete range needed to deliver a full LED solution for broadcast studios, episodic television, and feature film production. Litepanels also will premiere its new Hilio D12 (daylight balanced) and Hilio T12 (tungsten balanced) high light output panels at NAB 2014. The innovative panels provide the light quality, versatility and intensity of an open-source fixture, while offering all of the benefits of Litepanels’ proprietary LED fixture design. The Hilio D12/T12 fixtures were designed to augment the lighting requirements of broadcast studios, as well as motion picture, episodic television, and commercial location shoots.

(Booth C11149)

Studio Technologies, Inc. introduces the Live-Link Mini Remote Camera Interface System, an integrated, powerful camera extender system offering a choice of two 1RU truck units. Live-Link Mini is a cost-effective, compact system that delivers the inherent power of the signature Live-Link with SDI, IFB, comms and program audio. The system provides one SDI path in each direction, supporting a wide range of SD-, HD- and 3G video signals. Live-Link also features integrated party-line and 4-wire intercom support, line-level “dry” and powered “wet” talent cueing (IFB). It is fully compatible with SMPTE standards. The camera and truck units interconnect through single-mode fiber enabling quick deployment.


(Booth SL2419)

Mosart will be demonstrating Mosart Newscast Automation 3.6, as well as Mosart Cue Cards. Mosart Newscast Automation 3.6 can control more than 55 broadcast devices including audio mixers, light desks, graphics systems and more, all while integrated with all major newsroom computer systems (NRCS). Producers and directors need no longer fear the technical details of transitions and graphics as now the order of headlines can be changed at the last moment, as the automation system is automated for making transitions look seamless. Mosart Cue Cards is a tablet-based application in which users may have direct access to vital information in the NRCS, while enabling them to remain up to date on script notes and selected stories, all with a simple internet connection.

MSE Minivator
(Booth C5437)

Matthews Studio Equipment will showcase the new MINIVATOR II. The MINIVATOR II has new features unlike the original MINIVATOR stand that was introduced 10 years ago. Not only is this new lighting stand capable of holding up to 80 pounds, it can reach up to 142 inches. This piece of lighting equipment is ideal for location shots that require a variety of lighting techniques, as well as the use of multiple lights. The MINIVATOR II features equally proportioned risers that are maintained through a double cable mechanism, enabling shooters have firm and steady light movement.

(Booth SL15510)

MTI Film announces CORTEX CarryOn, a new portable, all-in-one on-set dailies solution for DPs and DITs. The compact, lightweight and rugged CarryOn can process dailies at any resolution up to 6K from all popular digital cinema cameras, including ARRI, Sony, Canon and RED. It is equipped with MTI’s CORTEX Dailies software featuring color and media tracking. CORTEX Dailies v 1.5 can link multiple workstations on the same project and offload files from camera cards and shuttle drives to up to three targets for backup and archiving with check sum verification and asset tracking. The Enterprise Edition includes the new MTI UpRes algorithm for high-quality resizing – ideal for upconverting HD and 2K footage to UHD and 4K.

P2 HD Camcorder
(Booth C3607)

Panasonic has announced the AJ-PX270 P2 HD handheld camcorder with AVC-ULTRA recording, a low bit-rate and 3G/4G LTE wireless mobility. At five pounds, the PX270 provides the key functionality of Panasonic’s high-end shoulder-mount camcorder – the AJ-PX5000 with AVC-ULTRA. The new handheld also features high-sensitivity, low-noise 1/3-inch 3-MOS imagers effective even in low light conditions. List price is $6,495.

Silvus Technologies
(Booth C855)

Silvus Technologies will feature the MN-MIMO Wireless. The MN-MIMO provides wireless video and data communications in the most treacherous and harshest environments, where other communications systems tend to fail. The MN-MIMO proves longer range and better reliability than any commercial or military wireless communications device available. Silvus also will introduce the SC3822 mini MIMO transceiver to the StreamCaster family, featuring a portability unlike any other – perfect for cameraback and backpack ENG, as well as POV sports and assist for director’s video.

(Booth C2050)

See the only camera slider that can travel twice its own length – edelkrone’s SliderPLUS PRO. The design offsets the rail system, doubling the sliding distance. A new, stronger structure carries heavier cameras. Both SliderPLUS PRO trays are adjustable, providing maximum control over the minimal play on the rails. While shooting, the rail system retreats back during slider operation – so the device remains out of the picture during dolly in and dolly out shots. A companion Target Module employs responsive motion control technology to enable the camera to lock onto the subject and keep it in the same position inside the frame. A Wizard Module records camera moves and repeats shots precisely at the touch of a button.

SnapStream TV Monitoring
(Booth SU4321)

SnapStream’s 6.2 release of its enterprise-class TV monitoring technology features one-step clip and share, and new integrations with YouTube and Amazon S3. It also restructures interface screens to streamline everyday workflows for clipping, sharing and managing TV content. New administrative controls make it easier to delegate permissions and set user groups in accordance with business needs. The new release also updates the Web Player to perform actions such as ShowSqueeze, which transcodes recordings to a new format, and SmartChapter, which detects commercials. Run a Workflow and Add to a Playlist also can be activated directly from the Web Player. Although these actions are not new, the ability to launch them from the Web Player is.


(Booth C6443)

Transvideo International will feature the CineMonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Enhanced. This bright, 6” monitor only draws 19W at its brightest capacity, and can be set in either indoor or outdoor modes for viewing. The monitor features anti-glare technology, decreasing glare while enhancing contrast. In the monitor’s Xtreme Bright mode, details and highlights are maintained in both dark and full-sun locations. The CineMonitorHD Evolution X-SBL Enhanced includes the Virtual Horizon2, an electronic horizon featuring six adjustable directions and sensitivities. This display feature can be shown anywhere on the screen. The included Cal-On-Tap feature can be turned on and off by the operator, while producing the fastest short cut to zero calibration on the Horizon.

(Booth SL12713)

XenData, will display the XenData Cloud, a high-capacity storage device presented in a private cloud for users. The XenData Cloud is ideal for new and existing XenData customers who possess media assets from 100TB to several petabytes. Through the XenData Cloud, users can fill their video assets into LTO cartridges and the ship these cartridges to XenData’s secure datacenter, where the user can then download their personal assets – meaning users have access virtually all over the world.
XenData Cloud users not only own the content of their LTO cartridges, but they own the storage device itself – customers are in complete control, with the ability to have their cartridges shipped back to them.

March 25, 2014