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New Fujifilm Lens Can Go Wide and Long

By Monica Burres

HA18x5_5The division of FUJIFILM specializing in optical devices introduced its HA18x5.5 HD zoom at the 2014 NAB Show. Featuring a wide angle to a telephoto span, the zoom offers 5.5mm up to 100mm, ideal for a versatile range of shots and variety.

Featuring optical simulation technology, the sharpness at the center works well for those needing a focus in the middle with a little blurred edge for artistic shots. The HA18x5.5 lens offers customers the best of both worlds, a wide angle lens and a long range lens to offer action-following shots as well as interview angles.

Ideal for live news, sports and dramatic program production, features such as a built-in 2X extender and a focal length extension of up to 200mm improve usability. The design of the HA18x5.5 lens reduces the weight needed to be held and controlled by camera operators.

16-bit encoders that output focus and lens data at a high resolution enable users to maintain compatibility with varying studio programs and have the ability to combine CG with live footage.

July 14, 2014