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New Recorders Available From Sound Devices

By Monica Burres

Sound Devices, introduced their new PIX recorders at the 2014 NAB Show in early April, including both PIX 270i as well as PIX 250i. These two new recorders replace tape and disc-based video decks to allow for multiple-source video productions.

The PIX 270i and 250i recorders provide file-based recording while possessing the ability to transfer high-quality files over Ethernet. Allowing simultaneous multiple-drive recording, these new recorders have backup capabilities that make each unit a cost-effective replacement to larger servers.

The PIX recorders can record at numerous data rates and can import directly into a variety of editing environments, including Final Cut Pro and Avid, which eliminates the time it usually takes to transfer and transcode.

Ideal for multi-camera production as well as multi-screen playback, the PIX 270i and the PIX 250i feature incredible audio capabilities, Sound Devices says, with the former offering eight channels of analog audio and sixteen channels of embedded SDI audio, while the latter offers eight channels of AES digital audio as well has the capability to support up to sixteen tracks of audio.

Featuring 800×480 pixel displays, the PIX 270i and PIX 250i enable setup menu access and video monitoring right on the display. This display is ideal for framing, exposure as well as focus and ensuring high-accuracy.

July 14, 2014