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Studios & Sound Stages

Raleigh Studios

5300 Melrose Ave E Bldg Los Angeles CA 90038 P:323-960-FILM www.raleighstudios.com

Phase One of Raleigh Studios at The Celtic Media Centre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been completed, Four soundstages are up-and-running for all forms of entertainment, including feature films, TV programming, audience-based shows and special events. The complex is owned by The Celtic Group and operated and managed by Los Angeles-based Raleigh Studios.

΄Until now, the influx of production to Louisiana to take advantage of the state’s production tax incentives has been a location-based business,‘ notes Kevin Murphy, director of studio operations. ΄We hope filmmakers will begin to think of Baton Rouge as a place to do stage-related work, too.‘

The Celtic Media Centre opens with Stage 1, measuring 4,000-square feet; Stage 2 at 7,000-square feet; Stage 5 at 28,000-square feet; and Stage 8 at 29,600-square feet. All feature sound reinforcement, silent air conditioning and lots of power.

΄This complex is not a converted warehouse,‘ Murphy makes clear. ΄All of the stages meet Class-A production requirements in one purpose-built building.‘

The Celtic Media Centre features a number of anchor tenants that support the production industry: Hollywood Rentals for lighting and grip equipment; Ragtime DNA Rentals for grip and drapery; Cast & Crew Payroll; and the corporate headquarters of Hollywood Trucks for honeywagons, dressing rooms and stake bed trucks.

In addition, the complex is home to independent production company Films In Motion (which also offers postproduction) and has just added The Post Digital company to the facility.

Louisiana boasts a strong crew base, says Murphy, and local crews ΄are growing at a steady pace.‘ Baton Rouge and surrounding communities have been supportive of what they see as a new, clean industry that stands to build on a very successful production incentive program that has filled state coffers and propelled Louisiana to the rank of #1 incentive states in the country.

Although The Celtic Media Centre just officially opened it is already hosting Chameleon, a French drama starring Ellen Barkin and Famke Jansen. It is shooting on Stage 2 and on location in the area.

Films In Motion is also posting its two latest Indie features, Burning Palms and Deadline which are headed for the festival circuit.

The complex expects to draw more producers, domestic and international, as word of its opening spreads. It is conveniently located between the corridor of Interstate routes 10 and 12; it is 15 minutes from the Baton Rouge airport and downtown hotel accommodations and just 60 miles from New Orleans.

“When producers say they are shooting in ‘LA’ you’re going to have to ask them which one!” Murphy predicts.