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Business of Film: After Post Afterglow

Business-OpenPx_Ep204_001_UltimateAirportDubai2 Business-OpenPx_2-ELF

The film is in the can—digitally speaking of course—and the crew has gone home. Post is over, release is eminent and the chaos of creation has diminished if not abated. While you are basking in that afterglow of completion, remember there is more to be done. Archiving the footage, raw and edited, and delivery of various formats to their release agents has to be considered. Choosing the right storage media and location is critical for the long-term monetization of the project. It’s all part of the business of indie film making, along with the business model for your production company and the choice of subject matter you develop.

Business-OpenPx_Figure-3 Business-Storage-Px_fast4b

February 9, 2015