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ProAm USA Introduces The Taurus Jr. Crane/Jib

Taurus JrBy Monica Burres

ProAm USA, manufactures of film and video equipment for both the enthusiast and the professional has introduced its newest crane/jib – the Taurus Jr.

Capable of supporting up to 20 pounds, the Taurus Jr. is a heavy-duty, dual-arm system capable of extending up to three feet from the fulcrum. At a lightweight 12 pounds, the Taurus Jr. is transportable for shoots on-the-go.

Featuring a tilt-brake and a built-in bearing base, the Taurus Jr. offers extreme durability in a sleek design, ProAm says. Known for their quick setup, ProAm USA cranes have become a popular tool for filmmakers because they allow for simple zooms and pans without residual shakiness from the camera or a tripod.

Filmmaker and ProAm USA user Bohos Blahut claims the brilliance of the Taurus Jr., stating, “They basically fall together out of the bag – one person can put them together entirely without tools. It’s really important to be able to go out and set up the crane in five minutes and begin shooting – bing, bang, boom.”

The Taurus Jr. is available for just under $400.

March 13, 2014