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Producing Commercials: Production house – Timber

More content, please

By Michael Fickes


At Timber, the business model is to provide targeted content. Content is a word that encompasses all of today’s many different kinds of video productions that populate television, the movies, and websites. Content makers, of course, aim to produce video that creates emotional connections within all of the niches of a fragmented target market.

“We have all been involved in every Producing Commercialspart of the production pipeline over the years—as production has become more and more digital,” says Kevin Lau, creative director at Timber. “Clients can come to us for some or all of the parts of projects.”

Lau goes on to say that design ranks as a key creative capability at Timber, along with illustration and visual effects. “Motion graphic design and live action design are different,” he says. “Design discipline combined with our other disciplines enables us to work in many different channels.”

Talent and capabilities across many disciplines also enable Timber to pivot without blinking when the nature of a project changes in midstream. Consider a recent project for UGG, the popular women’s shoe brand—now a men’s shoe brand, too. “Originally, the agency had a graphic idea for the spot, and we started developing a design for that,” says Lau. “We were working with a kaleidoscope design.”

Then following a conversation between the M&C Saatchi agency creatives and UGG, the project morphed into a full, live-action production. “We believe in friction-free service offerings,” Lau says. “We quickly changed up and designed a live-action dance sequence for the holiday campaign.

“In the old days, if a graphics spot morphed into a live-action spot, a motion graphics firm probably wouldn’t be able to make the change,” he continues. “The agency may have had to start over on production. My partner and I come from slightly different backgrounds, and we can bridge those gaps. We can create whatever you want. If you can think of it, we can create it.”

Have a look at UGG’s holiday dance production: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvwDAkOm1iY.

February 10, 2015