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Rodeo FX Chooses Arnold For All Of The Company’s Rendering Needs

Rodeo logoRodeo FX, one of the world’s premiere visual effects companies, has expanded its integration of Arnold within the company’s software arsenal. Now used for all of the company’s rendering needs, Arnold Core and Arnold for Softimage play a significant role within Rodeo FX’s pipeline for feature films, TV shows, and commercial projects.

“Arnold allows our artists to better spend their time focused on the creative aspects of lighting a scene, rather than on having to act as a data manager organizing multiple versions of multiple passes of data,” said Rodeo FX Chief Technology Officer, Jordan Soles. “The interactive nature that Arnold provides allows our artists to move lights freely within a shot, with results that can be seen almost instantaneously. My incredibly positive experience working with Arnold on numerous films at Sony Pictures Imageworks made our decision to adopt it here at Rodeo FX very easy.”

Soles explains that having integrated Arnold, the sheer number of versions it takes for Rodeo FX digital artists to hit a final has decreased enormously, with the company’s work having gotten better looking because of this new approach. The render times and memory needs are far more consistent and dependable, allowing the company’s productions to build better schedules and deliver shots more efficiently.

Rodeo FX’s Head of CG Matthew Rouleau added: “Arnold has dramatically improved our look development since we first began incorporating it into our rendering pipeline a few years ago. Its ease of use and incredible interactivity have made our lives a lot easier – we can now spend far less time on the technical aspects of rendering, and more time creating beautiful assets and images. Arnold’s incredible memory management, rock solid stability, and full ray-tracing have allowed us to redefine what we thought was possible to accomplish in rendering.”

Sébastien Moreau, president, founder and VFX supervisor for Rodeo FX, said: “After having done due diligence, we determined that Arnold was the right fit for us, and we’ve adopted it into all of our tool sets. We trust this tool, and we are confident that we can throw extremely complex assets through the pipeline now. Arnold will consistently deal with all of this critical data in a highly dependable way.”

Mr. Marcos Fajardo, the chief architect of Arnold and founder of Solid Angle, said: “It has been very exciting for us to watch Rodeo FX steadily grow their Arnold license count, project after project, each time blowing our minds in the process with increasingly beautiful photoreal work. Jordan, Matthew, and their colleagues are active members in our vibrant community of professional Arnold users, and their patient feedback has greatly helped improve our software. We are delighted that Rodeo FX has chosen Arnold for all its rendering needs and look forward to working with them for years to come.”

February 19, 2013