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Rodeo FX ‘Magically’ Delivers Shots as VFX Vendor on ‘Now You See Me’

Now You See MeRenowned visual effects production studio Rodeo FX has “magically” delivered 350 complex VFX shots for Now You See Me, serving as the film’s main VFX vendor. The film was released by Summit Entertainment May 31. The Rodeo FX team created and produced a huge and diverse array of shots for the new film, comprising 23 total minutes of visual effects-driven screen time.

Rodeo’s work involved producing the VFX for dozens of sequences. Of particular note was Rodeo’s creation of projections onto buildings and the highly complex “Five Points” motion graphics-driven sequence. Rodeo created numerous additional CG images, including playing cards, large bubbles, cars and helicopters, a police chase, actor doubles and even a CG rabbit.Rodeo FX

Sébastien Moreau, president/founder of Rodeo FX, said, “This project was one of the largest and most comprehensive we’ve ever undertaken since the founding of our company. As the main VFX vendor, we worked on this film for more than a year. Every sequence involved a great detail of advance planning and we had to develop new techniques and workflow pipelines to accommodate the demand. Over 100 of our artists were involved with Now You See Me in total. While we are still, perhaps, best known for our innovative matte paintings and digital environments work, this film was a true milestone in the evolution of Rodeo FX. We have proven ourselves as an industry leader and innovator – one that can handle the demand for hundreds of highly complex and diverse visual effects.”

Regarding Now You See Me, Rodeo FX’s VFX Supervisor Ara Khanikian said, “This was a really fun project for us – one that allowed us to really push our creative boundaries and create a very wide range of VFX. We found quick and efficient solutions to solve a lot of complex shots, and the end result is a seamless blend of artistic and technical know-how. All I can say is that I’m extremely proud of the work we have done, and I’m proud to have contributed to this beautiful film.”

June 17, 2013