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Sachtler To Host Camera Stabilizer Workshops in Chicago and Los Angeles

Sachtler has announced two upcoming artemis camera stabilizer system workshops. The first will be held in Chicago from Sept. 25-29, 2013 at Atomic Imaging, Inc. studios; the second course will be held at RED Studios in Los Angeles from Dec. 5-8, 2013.

The four-day basic camera stabilizer system workshop is designed to guide attendees through setup of the modular artemis camera stabilizer system and its use in providing smooth camera moves in cinema and video productions.

The workshops begin with a theoretical introduction to basic professional operating and a presentation of the entire system. The program encompasses the professional configuration of the sled, vest and spring arm and provides valuable hands-on experience in practical situations.

To perfect walking and dolly shots, special operation and walking techniques are taught and intensively practiced in the workshop under expert supervision. In-depth exercises, matched to the interests of the participants, complete the course. Additionally, the workshop participants will be prepared for the use of related tools such as wireless lens controls.

Artemis developer Curt O. Schaller will be on hand to personally guide workshop attendees through the basics of filming with the versatile Sachtler artemis camera stabilizer systems. Additionally, he will describe the latest innovations built into the artemis products, and provide some insights into what to expect in future stabilizer designs.

To learn more about the artemis camera stabilizer systems and to register for workshops contact: academy@sachtler.com Additional information about the workshops is available at www.artemis-hd.de.

August 13, 2013