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SGO Unveils Mistika Color Grading with Precision

SGO announced in late March that its Mistika post-production system will support the Precision Grading Panel made by Digital Vision (pictured).

Angle shot - full panel straight on Blk Bgrnd - alternate touch panel  helpThis cross-vendor agreement means that colorists and post-production artists will have an additional option when it comes to choosing the “human interface” to drive Mistika’s powerful color grading feature-set. For those who prefer it, Mistika continues to support the Tangent Element panels as well.

SGO’s Director of Global Sales and Operations, Geoff Mills, explained why the company chose to support the Precision Panel, “We have often been asked for a larger control surface and even looked into designing our own panel, but doing this would simply drive-up costs and take focus away from software development.” He continued, “In all our research, it is the Precision panel that colorists routinely mark as being the very best grading surface out there. So it was an obvious decision to approach Digital Vision about entering into an OEM agreement, and to their credit, they immediately recognized the mutual benefits of working together.”

Peter Charles, director of OEM sales at Digital Vision said, “The Precision panel is the result of many years of research and feedback from some of the world’s top colorists. We are very pleased that SGO appreciate the ergonomic design and high quality of the panels and that it will be an appealing option for their customers too.”

SGO’s CEO, Miguel Angel Doncel, concluded, “Having good partners and strong collaborations is always a great way to bring added value to our customers, and this exciting new alliance will help us provide an alternative option to our users who are passionate about working in color.”

The Precision Panel combined with Mistika integration will be available to order by existing and new customers in Q3 of 2014.

April 9, 2014