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FOR-A Shows Off Fujitsu Encoding and Decoding Solutions

By Monica Burres

Recently added as the North American distributer of Fujitsu’s encoding and decoding solutions, FOR-A showed off these new advancements at the 2014 NAB Show.

Known as H.264, the new encoder and decoder series uses advanced MPEG-4 AVC technology encoding, to provide high-quality video fidelity. Capable of real-time transmission and error correction, this series is ideal for the get-it-and-go videographer. This Fujitsu IP series enables broadcast quality video to be sent out over public Internet connections – making filming and viewing a near simultaneous experience for those with little time on their hands.

This series is popular among broadcast, enterprise, and government users because of its flexibility and real-time usability. FOR-A film is pioneering the encoding and decoding technology area by making this connection with Fujitsu, and making it easier for editors to change their creative media with ease.

July 14, 2014