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TerraBlock Helps ‘Need for Speed’ in Post

By Monica Burres

TerraBlockIn order to speed up the post-production progress of Need for Speed, the independent production company, Bandito Brothers, and director Scott Waugh brought on Facilis Technology’s TerraBlock 24D. The TerraBlock 24Dwas used as an on-set shared storage solution, used in editing locales including Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Need for Speed, released in March 2014, is an action-packed car chase film based on the popular video game of the same name. The DreamWorks SKG film stars Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper.

With a 96TB capacity, the TerraBlock 24D allowed editors to use stored files from various locations at one time, converting files to 4K RAW in Adobe Premiere and color grading the images in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 10, all while simultaneously transferring the footage to the Bandito Brothers’ LA-based VFX facility (Cantina Creative). Through this method, by the time all of the filming had wrapped, a complete rough cut of the film was ready to go.

TerraBlock offered the Bandito Brothers a user-friendly, on-the-go shared storage solution, enabling collaborative editing. Possessing the capability to hold up to 96TB of varying files, Bandito Brothers plans on continuous use of TerraBlock as another TerraBlock can be added without interrupting the in-use system if more files are required to be added to the storage solution.

April 10, 2014