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The Colonie Adds Senior Motion Graphics Designer Jennifer Moody

Boutique editorial and post-production studio The Colonie has added Senior Motion Graphic Designer Jennifer Moody to its creative team. Moody will work alongside Senior Motion Graphics Designer Lyndsay McCully, who joined the company five years ago, in designing and producing graphic elements for commercials and other projects.

The Colonie is growing its graphics capabilities to meet its clients’ design needs and desire to consolidate their post-production work. “We have been receiving more requests for design work,” Executive Producer Mary Caddy, a partner and co-founder of The Colonie, said. “Agency creatives and producers are pulled in many directions today, and they appreciate the convenience of being able to do more of their work in one place while maintaining high creative standards.” A specialist in creative editorial, The Colonie also provides visual effects and on-line finishing services.

Moody arrives from Foundation Content where she was a senior designer. She worked on design elements for commercials, movie trailers and title sequences, music videos and corporate media. Her advertising credits include such brands as Target, Hampton Inn, Allstate, Applebee’s, State Farm and McDonald’s.

Having two designers on staff will allow The Colonie to take on more, larger and more complex projects, according to Editor Brian Sepanik, who is also a partner and co-founder of The Colonie. “They can collaborate and feed off each other creatively,” he says. Sepanik added that prior to coming on staff, Moody worked with The Colonie on several projects as a freelancer and he and his colleagues were impressed by her creativity, energy and ability to work with their team.

Moody is excited to join a company that is growing and diversifying. “It’s a great opportunity to join another talented designer, be part of a collaborative team, and build something great,” she said.

“Our number-one priority is to do great work,” Moody continued. “I enjoy collaborating with creatives from ad agencies and contributing my talents to the bigger picture.”

July 16, 2013