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The Hit House Scores with Track for Iron Man 3 Theatrical Trailer

The Hit House has announced that their track, “Basalt,” from the album Re:Action Earth, was chosen as the soundtrack for the intense, action-packed Iron Man 3 theatrical trailer. The trailer has been well received by fans of the Iron Man franchise, as they anxiously await the May 3 opening.Reaction Earth

Sally House, executive producer at The Hit House, notes, “There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing that fans love the music as well as the trailer. And based on their comments online, this one goes down as mission accomplished.”

To view the trailer, visit:


The Hit House is a custom music and sound design company in Los Angeles that specializes in trailer and commercial music. Their recent work has been used in national and global television campaigns for clients such as Lexus, Pepsi, Porsche, and Red Bull, and in motion picture campaigns for films such as Upside Down, Bully and The Hangover, among others.

March 18, 2013