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TNDV Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With A New Workspace

By Monica Burres

Mobile production specialist converts large, secure warehouse into creative business space

As its 10th anniversary approaches, mobile production specialist TNDV Television has found a new location in Nashville, Tenn., that allows for clients to be hosted, projects to be planned, and post-production work to be done.

The location previously was used as an armored truck warehouse, and Nic Dugger, owner of TNDV, redesigned the building to provide room for TNDV trucks, as well as to incorporate a networked infrastructure with technology capable of sharing data, audio and video across the offices and conference rooms within the building.

TNDV’s previous location did not allow for multiple vehicles in one location, and this new facility in northeast Nashville allows for post workers to edit and prep for future shows. While carrying traditional phone and internet data, the new infrastructure supports sending video feeds to truck routers and flowing ProTools rigs to audio trucks.

According to Dugger, this new location enables the TNDV fleet to access interstates more easily, and was essentially created to become a “laborhood” in which partners and professionals can network and work together on a variety of projects.

“Here, we can pull three trucks indoors at once to do maintenance, make upgrades and change infrastructure as needed,” Dugger said. “The last point is very important, as we do not force a fixed inventory on our clients. We are a-la-carte for each show, and constantly reconfigure our trucks. Now we have a spot to prepare for the many upcoming truck shoots we have, while taking advantage of our newest 4K production acquisition systems.

“Unintentionally, we’re building a small production community in this northeast portion of Nashville,” he continued. “We expect to be here for a long time, and I’m excited about identifying some key partners in the region that might need a space. We have plenty of room to set producers up with offices for long-term projects.”

March 17, 2014