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Trans-Lux Transforms Display Technology

By Monica Burres

Trans-Lux Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of video displays and lighting solutions, released the company’s new TL Vision 2mm HD LED Large Screen Display with 4K capability at the 2014 NAB Show.

Measuring around 20’ x 20’, the Large Screen Display produces 1080p HD content while still capable of being driven by the company’s epic Series LED System Software Suite, a convenient measure for existing users.

Ideal for broadcast, sports and government applications, the new display is perfect for portable indoor and outdoor displays for filmmakers on-the-go, with the installable Trans-Lux TL Vision LED Cabinet Systems. This new processing software comes in four modules that work on their own, or can work as an integrated software solution that is flexible enough to work with other software.

epic.control enables users to set up all detailed parameters for the display, epic.network connects a variety of displays and controls, epic.management is used to generate playlists and schedules, and epic.driver connects with PC software inside the display to upload content and playlist schedules. These modules all work together to create a filmmaking, broadcasting and sharing experience that works hand-in-hand with versatility and compatibility for those users who need an all-in-one system.

Trans-Lux 2mm LED Display at NAB 2014 from LRG Marketing on Vimeo.

July 14, 2014