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Unified Video Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Production Flight-Packs

Flexible Production Packs Enable Fast Creation of Outside Broadcast Production Units, Eliminate Need for Large-Scale OB Trucks

UNIV FlightpackUnified Video Technologies (UNIV), a provider of complete media ecosystems and software services for broadcasters, enterprises and the entertainment industry, introduces next-generation, quick-deployment flight-packs ideal for multi-city productions with tight timelines.

UNIV’s flexible, scalable and easily transported outside broadcast (OB) production flight-packs can be built and ready for use in a fraction of the time of large-scale OB trucks or traditional outside production units, the company says. The systems utilize multi-pin connectors to make setup easy. The flight-packs are ideal for production houses, ad agencies, broadcasters, government agencies, educational organizations and MSOs, UNIV says.

UNIV CEO Pablo Goldstein noted that large-scale OB trucks are often unable to meet the fast-paced, highly mobile requirements of productions that move between locations. “Video production equipment has become more powerful and compact over the past few years,” he said. “Broadcasters and professional producers, as well as a whole range of organizations that create content, are now demanding the flexibility to produce professional quality content anywhere, any time. We are pleased to provide a solution free of limitations that is as light-footed, mobile and flexible as the producers that use it.”

The base UNIV OB production flight-pack configuration includes four portable military-grade racks and can be scaled to meet the needs of the user. Multi-rack configurations are customized based on positions and workflows.

The complete solution includes:

  • A slow-motion server with ISO recording
  • A 1.5 ME 24-button video switcher and a built-in 37″ LED screen for multiviewer outputs
  • A two-channel 3D graphics system and a built-in dual screen for graphics operations. 
  • A complete IFB and intercom system
  • A 16-channel digital audio board and remote audio receiver rack for audio production
  • Optional live streaming encoders and clip servers.

The system meets also meets FAA standards and regulations for hassle-free airborne transport.

December 4, 2013