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VFX House MASTERSFX Names Scott Coulter its New VP & Executive Producer of Visual Effects

Scott CoulterAward-winning character-effects firm MASTERSFX (MFX) has named longtime VFX Producer Scott Coulter as its new VP and executive producer of visual effects. The announcement was made by Todd Masters, founder and chief monster-maker, MFX.

“Scott is a rare sort—his knowledge is diverse and his skillset is truly unmatched. We’re really excited to welcome him back to MFX,” said Masters, noting that the two have had a lengthy working relationship over a couple of decades. “Scott and I worked together more than fifteen years ago on early MFX projects such as Demon Knight, Dark Skies and Mortal Kombat. Back then, we were using puppets and prosthetics—only! And Scott was there, coming up with great tricks, even then. But it was all practical FX, and long before the birth of digital.”

As a company, MASTERSFX has evolved with the times, and today combines both practical and digital techniques to create one-of-a-kind effects. The company calls its unique process of blending both art forms “dMFX.” Practical and visual FX work from MASTERSFX can currently be seen on Spring, Hemlock Grove, The Flash, Arrow, iZombie, and Falling Skies. Additionally, MASTERSFX is prepping a new Underworld movie, a television pilot, and a soon-to-be-announced feature film project with Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn.

“Because we’ve changed many of the ways we approach FX these days, both Scott and I did a bit of an adjustment over these past many, many years—just working from separate locations and with slightly separate disciplines,” adds Masters. “Most recently, I’ve been helping develop and supervise the art-side of our advanced FX methodologies, while Scott’s been evolving himself into this amazingly creative and experienced, worldwide VFX executive. He’s one of the few FX executives I know of who has seen it all and done it all, from numerous vantage points. He can really talk the walk he’s walked.”

Coulter already is overseeing day-to-day operations on visual effects at MFX’s Los Angeles headquarters, and is spearheading character and creature design work for their current slate of projects.

“The merging of practical and visual effects is the future of visual design in media—and MASTERSFX is a world-class company, leading in this space,” Coulter says. “The blending of these disciplines is the greatest challenge moving forward, and this company is the place to perfect this blending and really make it happen. On top of that, the idea of working in LA again after many years based in Bulgaria also appealed to me.”

August 24, 2015