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Aquafadas Makes Some Noise with MotionComposer 1.6 Release

Aquafadas has released MotionComposer version 1.6. A visual-based authoring and effects tool, MotionComposer lets users easily create professional HTML5 and Flash-based animations and interactive content.

“MotionComposer 1.6 gives everyone, not just developers, the unlimited ability to create web and eBook animations that can run on any device or browser – without writing a single line of code,” says Claudia Zimmer, CEO, Aquafadas. “Users of all skill levels are free to create engaging animated content for their websites, blogs, and self-published eBooks easily with MotionComposer. And the latest version opens up even more possibilities, now providing multiple export options and the ability to add in audio, making for even more interesting web content.”

New Features and Key Benefits of MotionComposer 1.6:

Add sound to animation: Users can import audio files into their web animations by simply dragging and dropping in audio files directly from iTunes. Audio can be adjusted to the animation within the state and slide workspace. Animations become more engaging with the accompanying sound.

The most optimized rendering compatible with the latest HTML5 technology: Compatible with the latest generations of web browsers, including Chrome and Internet Explorer 10, MotionComposer’s newly optimized engine generates code for users that will run smoothly in all browsers using the latest HTML5 technology. Rendering is faster than ever for clean, crisp animations.

An intuitive user interface: Unlike other animation software, MotionComposer does not employ the use of complicated timelines. Its simple-to-use interface features the concept of “slides” and “states,” where each slide is a state of the global animation. With a clear, easy to understand workspace, users can see all the elements of their animation and positions at a glance.

Export options ease the distribution process: Users can now designate the animation destination directly through the export options. Creating material for blogs, websites, self-published eBooks and more is as simple as clicking a button. Animations for eBooks are published as widgets that can be imported into iBooks Author, Apple’s digital publishing program. Animations are tailor-made for whatever platform they’re viewed on.

Never write a single line of code again: When it comes to web animations, MotionComposer does all of the heavy lifting. MotionComposer has the most optimized rendering engine, so users can export animations in both Flash and HTML5, eliminating the need to guess which format viewers’ technology will support. When the animation is complete, MotionComposer automatically creates code to support all formats

MotionComposer 1.6 is available now via the Aquafadas website for 149 USD. Existing users can update for free.

January 31, 2013