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  • Inside View: Porchlight

    An interview with Kristen Forrest, executive producer at Porchlight in Nashville, Tenn. • www.porchlight.tv
  • Randy Wachtler

    Inside View: Warner/Chappell Production Music

    Interview with Randy Wachtler, President & CEO of Warner/Chappell Production Music.
  • Inside View: Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office

    An interview with Nora Brown, Executive Director of the Rochester/Finger Lakes Film & Video Office.
  • Inside View: South Coast Film & Video

    Interview with South Coast Film & Video's Everett Gorel.
  • Eddie Adams’s image of South Vietnamese police chief Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan shooting a Vietcong prisoner

    Inside View: Douglas Sloan

    Markee: What is the focus of Icontent? Mr. Sloan: “My forte as a director is in the documentary realm, and our core strength as a company is
  • Inside View: Megatrax

    What challenges are facing Megatrax today?
  • Inside View: Big Machine

    Steve Petersen, Co-founder/Creative Director – Big Machine Design • Burbank, Calif.
  • Inside View: Sync Sound

    "Ken (Hahn) and I met at Regent Sound which became one of the first sound-for-television facilities in the country. I was the chief engineer and a mixer,
  • Inside View: Back Alley Films

    "Traditional media began to change and more money was allocated to interactive, while broadcast budgets continued to shrink. Competition between production
  • Inside View: Offhollywood

    "We made the commitment to 3D when we saw the new rigs Element Technica was developing last summer; we told them to call us when they were ready. In the
  • Jo Steele

    Inside View: STEELE Studios

    “STEELE was asked to come on board by [director] Marcus Raboy of DNA to handle all the post effects, conform, online, beauty, stereo convergence and
  • Hummingbird Productions Bob Farnsworth

    Inside View: Hummingbird Productions

    If you've ever gotten to the end of a :30 commercial and asked yourself, 'Who was that for?' there's a fundamental problem. You should remember what the
  • Randall P. Dark

    Inside View: Randall P. Dark

    “I had mixed feelings about 3D and felt it was improper to talk about [them] before I'd shot and edited 3D. I was interested in trying the 3DA1 because of
  • Inside View: Vince Cirelli

    "Feature-film effects have become more complex, there are a lot more of them, the breadth of the work is larger and the talent pool has increased
  • Inside View: Omnimusic

    “There are always new producers coming along and, for newcomers, copyright and legal issues surrounding music are kind of a black hole – they’re very
  • Blair Stribley

    Inside View: Backyard/Mighty Film Co.

    Backyard opened in Chicago in the early 1990s and signed directors Kevin Smith and Rob Pritts, who are still part of the company today in California. How
  • Matt Jacobs VFX supervisor ñ Tippett Studio

    Inside View: Tippett Studio

    Markee talks with Matt Jacobs about Tippett Studio's recent VFX work.
  • Kristen Forrest

    Inside View: Cartoon Lagoon Studios

    Cartoon Lagoon Studios released its Captain Cornelius Cartoon’s Cartoon Lagoon DVD earlier this fall. Markee 2.0 interviewed partner Pat Giles about this
  • Giovanni Bucci

    Inside View: Giovanni Bucci

    “I’m half-Italian and half-Dutch. I started working in Italy, then I went to London and LA, and I’m actually spending more time in LA these days. Usually
  • Xander

    Inside View: Xander™

    “I joined East Pleasant from JWT and immediately started working on some programming for Madison Square Garden Network (MSG), including Emmy Award-winning