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    Go Big or Go Home: Four Must-Haves for Modern Media Workflows

    In digital’s early years, enterprise storage infrastructure couldn’t keep pace with the demands of SD. The first non-linear editing systems were turnkey
  • EQUIX_App_infographic_White_C

    Hollywood 2.0: Networked Data Centers

    In media industry terms, using cloud-based applications allows for additional cost savings to broadcasters and producers as they are able to
  • Sound-Studios-Px_EUE_ILM_Aerial_THUMB

    On Stage: Studios Cater to Various Market Needs

    Some studios have been in the film and television business for a long, long time. Some have faded away and returned, others that are newer to the game have
  • 4K-Storage-Px_Gravity_THUMB

    4K Cinematography: 4K Your Way

    Thanks to the brilliant work of Alfonso Cuarón and his son Jonas with Gravity, television set companies showed off content befitting the beauty of their 4K
  • Rental-Px_Cineverse-2_THUMB

    Getting the Most from Renting Gear

    Today’s market is filled with camera systems, from the Canon C300 to the ARRI Alexa XT, and cinematographers demand even more camera and lens options. That
  • UAV-in-Filming-Px_Road-Film-P1040224_THUMB

    Is Filming with a ‘Model Helicopter’ Legal?

    At NAB, Cinegear and probably every studio you care to name, people in the industry are talking about the great work someone they know is doing with a
  • Spotlight-Px_Pixeldust-BlackcardVISA_THUMB

    Spotlight: East and South

    Once again, we shine our Spotlight around the country, looking for people doing interesting work in film and television production, animation, commercial
  • Music-Px_Megatrax-studio

    Production Music in the Multi-Screen Universe

    When perusing the offerings of production music companies, large and small, it’s easy to find those that are adding a new library or two, striking up a
  • Cinematography-Px_SMPTE-Evolution-Mtichell2

    Cinematography: History of Cinematography

    The seemingly continual barrage of press releases, blog posts, and reviews about new digital cinematography cameras often emphasize their revolutionary new
  • NAB-Preview-Px_anystream-NAB-2014

    NAB 2014 Preview

    Panasonic will introduce two new VariCams at NAB. One is a 4K VariCam with a new super 35mm MOS image sensor for 4096 x 2160 (17:9) 4K image capture.
  • Cinematography-Px_ASC-Cundey_Dean

    Cinematography: ASC Awards – Dean Cundey

    The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) held its annual awards banquet on February 1, 2014 and the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award was Dean
  • Cinematography-Px_3D-LG-CES

    Cinematography: 3D: The 2014 Playbook

    If you went to the CES extravaganza in Las Vegas this year, you would have seen the world of 3D everywhere. My excursion onto the exhibit floor began as it
  • Cinematography-Px_ASC-Richard-Rawlings-Jr

    Cinematography: Richard Rawlings - ASC Awards

    Richard Rawlings, ASC, was honored at the annual American Society of Cinematographers banquet this year for his career body of work in television. Rawlings
  • Cinematography-Px_Education-img4

    Cinematography: Expanded Cinematography

    During the last few years, the role of imagery in films became much more pronounced and very distinct from the imagery of the end of the 20th century. New
  • Arriflex 35


    There are few industries that have been impacted by technology more than film and video. From new ways to make them to new ways to show them, the market
  • no-image-2032

    Virtual? Real? Can we tell?

    We’ve all seen the results of computerization in film and video production. Post is often done completely in the computer; virtual effects (VFX) dominate
  • cutting-2

    Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials

    Santa Claus hitches Qualcom’s Snap the dragon to his sleigh for a turbo-charged ride, the Aflac duck finally gets motivated in his physical therapy,
  • mobile-3

    Goin’ Mobile

    Few places in the United States can compare with Hawaii for scenic beauty. As a filming location, it can provide almost every environment a director will
  • south-intro

    Spotlight: The South

    Little Rock, Ark.-based 360° Filmworks provides clients with video production, post-production, animation, visual effects, writing, and photography
  • track4

    Writing The Perfect Track

    Like the rest of the production and post world, the market for original music has turned with the tides, has ebbed and flowed, and has shifted here and