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  • Matt Jacobs VFX supervisor ñ Tippett Studio

    Inside View: Tippett Studio

    Markee talks with Matt Jacobs about Tippett Studio's recent VFX work.
  • Alan Caso (standing) on the set of Hawaii Five-0. Photo: Norman Shapiro, normanshapiro.com

    Making TV: Re-Inventing Hawaii Five-O

    In a world of failed remakes, Hawaii Five-O is making it. The remake of the original hit cop show that ran from 1968 through 1980 is moving through its
  • In NY Mellonís spot, the house is a metaphor for a personís investments, which always involve some risk. Photos: Ntropic

    Making Commercials: Creating A House Of Cards

    In a new Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) commercial, a butterfly lands on top of a house and knocks off a wood shake tile, revealing a collapsing
  • Community (NBC) Christmas episode, Dec. 2010. Image courtesy of Eden FX.

    From The Editor: Holiday Classics

    For many of us, one of the great pleasures of the holiday season is watching our favorite Christmas movies and TV specials. Just like the holidays
  • Abandoned Shrimp Boat in Lucy Creek Photo courtesy of Chris Kirk/S.C. Film

    Spotlight: The South

    The South is a beautiful and remarkable place. The diversity of its land and its people make for remarkable story telling, the evidence of which can be
  • editing commercials

    Hot Spots: Cutting Commercials

    Editors showcase creative cuts that tell moving, evocative and unexpected stories for Hyundai, Lenovo, Advil, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and The Bush
  • Camera Coptersí turnkey approach works on all types of projects.

    Moving On Up: Trends in Mobile Production

    After a long, cold winter in the mobile industry – and during today’s various and continuing iffy economic forecasts – many unit owners seem decidedly more
  • one of the animated shots produced for Subwayís ìNotebook.î

    Animation Studios

    Animation and VFX are often inextricably linked these days; so many animation studios have become interdisciplinary creative shops where multiple skill